Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Daughter's Beauty Blog

Hi all just a quick post to ask if you all could take alook at my daughter's beauty blog and follow her.

My daughter's beauty blog covers all beauty related things from product reviews to make up tutorials and lots more!

I am so very proud of her as she inspired and encouraged me to start my very own blog to which I'm glad she did! :)we support each other not just as Mother and daughter but as best friend's too.and I am proud to share her blog with you all :)

I highly recommend following her blog as she is also now training to be a professional make up artist and as I'm sure she will share her tips and tricks and things she has learnt along the way!

So go check her blog out at...

Thanks for your time

<3 Dawn <3



  1. awh thank you my lovely mum! I appreciate it. We are like the best of friends and support each other. I also wish you sucsess on your blog and I am so proud of you . I welcome with a warm hello any new followers who want to come and join me, I would love to have you all! :)x

  2. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here, and send me your link in the comments when you have accepted, so I can see your answers to the questions. :) Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey thanks so much for nominating me :)
      I have posted my answers and re done my own questions and nominated 11 blogs :)
      <3 Dawn <3


Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them all :) I'll do my best to answer asap
please don't forget to follow me if you haven't already :)
<3 Dawn<3

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