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Holly Jolly Christmas Tag! ♥

Hi Friends
Here is a Christmas tag created by my wonderful Daughter Kim please check her  fantastic beauty blog out and follow her many thanks. Click HERE for her beauty blog!
Oh and please feel free to join in and let me know if you have in the comments below so I can see your answers :)

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
 I do love ELF and The Grinch so either one of them :)

2. Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year?
I would like to think I am on the nice list I try my best to be positive and helpful and be a decent kind person.

3. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
Well from my Childhood would have to be my dolls house or roller boots.
adult life I would say my diamond and aquamarine earrings & necklace set my Husband saved up for and got me for Christmas a few years ago.

4. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I have a few times mainly when I was a little girl growing up in Wales for 2 years and the snow was real heavy back then.
It did snow 2 years ago I think on Christmas day its more nicer when it snows around Christmas makes it more festive.

5.Where do you spend Christmas day?
I spend it at home with my Husband and daughter and our 2 cats.

6.What is your favourite Christmas song?
Would have to be Wham Last Christmas.

7. Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Christmas day morning! although we do open 1 present on Christmas Eve as our family tradition which is new PJs nightwear :)

8. What Christmas tradition are you looking forward to the most this year?
I look forward to our family Christmas Eve night settling down together in front of the tv watching a Christmas movie with a small glass of wine and some Chocolates.then when our daughter goes to bed I start wrapping some more presents before bedtime.
Christmas day I look forward to the opening of persents in the morning time before breakfast I then look forward to the Christmas dinner with turkey and veg :) 

9. Do you stay in your Pj's for Christmas day or dress up?
Well we mostly stay in PJs lol we love to be cosy and snug on Christmas day unless we have visitors then we dress casual but usually we visit family Boxing day which is really nice :)

10. Is your Christmas tree white or green? ( or any other colour like pink)
Our tree is green and is artificial with gold and cream theme decorations on it. I hate those annoying needles from the real ones but I do love the real ones for that pine Christmasy smell that the real trees give off.

11. Do you like coloured lights or white lights?
I love both!I have warm white lights on my tree and around my front window.

12. Be honest! Do you like receiving or giving gifts on Christmas?
I do love giving as it is the thought behind it mostly that counts.I try my best to give what I can with what we have and I love to see peoples faces when they open the gifts.

13. When do you start your Christmas shopping? are you a late Christmas shopper?
I mostly start early in the year and try and buy at least 1 or2 gifts a month and put it away I have been trying this year but started later than I usual do.

14.Are you a pro present wrapper or fail?
I am no way a pro wrapper lol but I can at east wrap a gift up without it looking a mess.

15. Do you wish you didn't find out the truth about Santa?
When I was little yeah as its magical but everyone has to find out the truth about parents gifts stash in the loft sometime.

16. What is your best thing on your plate when your ready to eat your Christmas dinner?
Roast veg and potatoes with turkey yum!

17. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? ( NO google! )Dasher. Rudolf. Prancer. cant think of any more lol

18. When you dress up for Christmas what is your makeup look that you love to do for Christmas?Well it depends really what I am wearing but this year I am going to get my Daughter to apply my make up :) as for my nails well something rather festive!

19. What Christmas treat do you enjoy to eat?
Any Chocolate from the roses tin lol :D

20. What Christmas decoration do you enjoy the most?
The tree and the lights I do love all Christmas decorations its fun and cheerful.

21. What makes Christmas so special for you?
I think what makes it special for me is being with family and giving and receiving gifts but more than that just showing your loved ones how much you care and how much loved you are also.

So that is the Holly Jolly Christmas tag! please join in and answer as many as you can I would love see your answers.
Have fun!

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