Sunday, 9 February 2014

Liebster Award!

Hi Friends
I was recently nominated by lucyearnshaw for the Liebster Award! 
I have been nominated once before for this award I think it is a cool way to get to know a little more about the blogger.
It's not so much an award, but a way of finding new and up coming bloggers, who's blog has less than 200 followers.

The rules are, you must nominate another 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers, and let them know you've nominated them. You are given 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you, which you must answer. You must give the blogs you nominate 11 question for them to answer. Finally you must link back to the person who nominated you.

So here is my Answer's to the questions I was asked.
1. Plain nails or nail art?
I do love nail art the best!

2. high street bags or 1 Mulberry?
High st bags as I cannot afford posh bags!

3. Describe the best outfit you’ve ever worn
Was a black tassel dress that was just above the knee I worn this on my first date with my Husband back in August 1994.

4. Favourite TV programme and why?
Oh it has to be a US tv series called Supernatural.

I love it its on the 9th season now and I have the DVD collection.(not just because Jensen Ackles stars in it :D)

5. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because my Daughter Kim encouraged me to start one to share my nail art and beauty hauls and ideas as she has her own beauty blog and it is fantastic! Kim inspires me a lot to keep going :)check her blog HERE

6. If you could choose 1 thing from the argos catalogue for free,what would it be and why!?
Good question lol I need a New Camera so would have to be high end one like this one Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera Kit with EF-S 15-85mm Lens. click HERE.

7. If you had to pick 1 nail varnish to wear for a year what brand and shade would you choose?
Well I would choose Benecos Sandstorm a neutral  natural nail polish, the nail varnishes are vegan friendly, free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, clolphony, this natural nail varnish has not been tested on animals.
No base coat needed so would be good for my nails to continue using for a year.

8. What would be your ideal date?
Oh that is a good question I would have to say a lovely romantic holiday in the Maldives and renew our wedding vows a secluded water villa :) 

9. Do you have pets? What are their names!?
I have 2 Cats Mother Bella& Daughter Sophie.they are my lil girls and we love them very much they are a part of out family.

Bella the Gray cat Sophie the White &black fluffy cat :)

10. How do you store your make-up?
I store my make-up in my top vanity drawer of my Wardrobe.

11.Whats the view from where you blog?
it is usually sitting on the sofa or on my bed using the laptop. 

Next up- nominations: I nominate
1. makeupwithkimmy
2. bitenomore
3. velveteenroses
4. polish-asphyxiation
5.  fingerfoodnails 
 6. Emma's space
7. fledglingnails
8. saucynails
9. journails
10. nailpolishobsession

My questions for you are..
1. Must have____ in your beauty bag?
2. Guilty pleasure?  
3. Hobby besides beauty/fashion?
4.If you could only own one make-up brush, which would you choose? 
5.What's a good book you've read recently?
6. Who do you look to for style inspiration?
7.  Name 2/3 Favourite online shops? 
8.  What is blogging to you? 
9.  Who is your favourite blogger?
10.  Which is your best post?
11.  If you could choose a charity to donate to which would it be and why?

Please comment back with a link so I know you have accepted the award and can read your answers :) Thanks again for my nomination!!

That's all folks thanks for stopping by.
please follow my blog if you haven't already and check out my charity monthly nail art challenge bloggers below Thank you :)

 Keep warm & Safe


  1. Hi.. Thank you for the nomination.. Here is my blog post..

    1. great answers you have :) thanks again for taking part xxxxx

  2. Thank you Dawn! :)

    Will do my post soooooon xxxx

    1. no worries thanks for commenting :) xxxx

  3. Here's my post :) thanks again for the nomination! :) xxxx

    1. great answers Emma thanks for joining in :) xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination <3 Here's my post:

    1. great answers :) thanks for answering mine :) xx


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