Friday, 21 March 2014

TMI Tag!

Hey friends
I have been tagged by my lovely friend Emma over at Emma's Space
This tag is a fun Q&A (To Much Information/ TMI )
Here are my answers to the question's...

1) What are you wearing?
I am currently wearing my pink pjs all comfy and cosy.
2) Ever been in love?

Yes and I still am in love with my wonderful husband Ste.

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?
I think when you are young and think you're in love when in fact you are not really and your heart is broken its just life's stepping stones to better relationships and true love. 

 4) How tall are you? 
I'm a small fry 5ft 4 

5) How much do you weigh?
oh goshy this aint one I wanna answer lol I weigh more than I should!

6) Any tattoos?
No but have thought about getting one then thought nooo don't like pain. and besides how awful will it look when I turn an O.A.P ewww 

7) Any piercings?
Just my ears.

8) OTP?  
I have no clue on what it means 

9) Favourite show?
Has to be Supernatural (usa tv series) and my usual soaps Eastenders and corrie. 

10) Favourite bands?
I like lots of bands from U2. Def Leopard. Level42. Cold play.

 11) Something you miss?
More someone really my loved ones in spirit and my Cat Sassy and other pets that passed away.   


12) Favourite song? 
Katy Perry - Dark Horse 

 13) How old are you?
38 years young.

14)Zodiac sign?


15) Quality you look for in a partner?

16) Favorite quote? 
“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

17) Favorite actor?

Has to be Jim Carey and Jensen Ackles of course!

18) Favorite colour?

19) Loud music or soft?

Depends on my mood but in between

20) Where do you go when you’re sad?

I turn to my hubby or daughter or go to my bedroom.

21) How long does it take you to shower?

Usually about 20mins

22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

At a push about 40mins but normally about an hour.

23) Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes when I was young in primary school a girl pulled my friends hair so I smacked her one and got in trouble.   

24) Turn on?
OOh umm I would say a sexy male aftershave scent that is worn on a romantic evening together.I love a man that smells sexy! 

25) Turn off? 
Rudeness and bad breath and a dislike for animals.oh and smoking.

26) The reason I started blogging?

Was my daughter Kim she encouraged me to start my own blog to share my nail art and views and reviews on beauty and stuff.

27) Fears?

Losing loved ones/pets. Hate Spiders and Moths. deep water Fireworks.

28) Last thing that made you cry?

was a few days ago I felt sorry for myself with back pain and was fed up with it. 

29) Last time you said you loved someone?

Today I always tell my hubby and daughter and pets I love them every day :) 

30) Meaning behind your blog name?

I named my blog after my Cat Sassy who sadly passed away Sep 2011 I thought what a lovely way to remember her though dedicating this blog to her.

31) Last book you read? 
The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.  

 32) The book you’re currently reading?
I am not reading any at the moment.

34) Last person you talked to?
My daughter Kim.

 35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My daughter Kim

36) Favorite food?

Chicken (KFC). Roast dinner. Chinese food. jacket potato.

37) Place you want to visit?

I would have to say a lovely romantic holiday in the Maldives and renew our wedding vows a secluded water villa :) 

38) Last place you were?
Well I have been home today but y/day was at a hospital appointment.

39) Do you have a crush?

Oh of course my hubby Ste is my main crush.however I do have a slight crush on Jensen Ackles! ohhh heck to the yes!

40) Last time you kissed someone?
My hubby today.

41) Last time you were insulted?
I think it was on Tuesday my Mum was moody lol.

42) Favourite flavour of sweet?
Umm has to be various because I only munch on Loveheart sweets or jelly babies but I can't have many because m diabetes. 

44) Favourite piece of jewellery?
Has to be my wedding ring and engagement ring then my diamond earring and necklace set my hubby got me one Anniversary. 

45) Last sport you played?

I don't play any sport. 

46) Last song you sang?

 Katy Perry - Dark Horse 

47) Favourite chat up line?
I don't have any they are to cheesy  

48) Have you ever used it?


49) Last time you hung out with anyone?

Well I hung out with my daughter last night and had a girly time and a good laugh :) 

50) Who should answer these questions next?

makeup with kimmy




I enjoyed doing this tag and If I've not tagged you and you want to do the tag, please join in! leave links to posts in my comments please, I'd love to read everyone's answers!

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  1. Loved reading you answers, thanks for the tag, here's mine :) xx

  2. :) love this post, fun knowing more about you

    1. Thanks Anita they are fun to do and you're right its nice to know the person a little more behind the blog :) xxx

  3. Why have I never heard of Jason Ackles? HELLO! haha.
    Thanks for taking part :) xxxx

    1. LOL Emma you should watch Supernatural series but I think you would have to download them as its a usa series not on air over here :( anyways I enjoyed this tag thanks for tagging me :) xxx

    2. I am definitely going to have to check it out!! No problem, glad you enjoyed it! :) Xxx


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