Monday, 22 December 2014

❄ Wonderful Christmastime tag ❄

❄ Wonderful Christmastime tag  ❄

Hi friends
I seen this fun tag on my daughter's blog makeupwithkimmy 
So I thought I would join in and tag you all too!

1. What does Christmas day feel like in your home?
I would say Christmas Day feels special happy and content spent with loved ones.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie, what would you be in?
Umm I think I would like to be in the grinch as everyone is so happy and festive.

3. Do you open your presents slow and neat or rip them open fast?
I open the fast with excitment!

4.Are you reading any Christmassy books?
Not at the moment no.

5. When do you start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas
movies?I usually start around the last few days of November first week in December.

6. If Santa got a new Reindeer and you could choose a name, what would you name it?

Spence :D

7. If you could get your Mistletoe kiss with anyone, who would it be?

My Husband Ste of course!

8. What is your Favourite Christmas colour?
I love Gold.

9. Do you have a Christmas background on your phone or computer ( show us )?

10. Number 1 Christmas song?
Has to be Wham last Christmas

11. Number 1 Christmas movie?

The Grinch

12 Apart from the gifts, what do you love about Christmas?.
The Decorations the Christmas dinner.cosey time on the sofa watching movies and spending time with my family.

I tag you all to join in either on your blog or YouTube.
Have a great Christmas and a fabulous New year everyone!


  1. aw thanks for doing my tag mum! loved your answers <3 xxx

    1. Thanks Kim your tag was fun :) xxx


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