Saturday, 2 May 2015

LIfestyle: 50 things that make me happy!

Hi friends
I have a fun type of post for you today!
I was reading Tales of a pale face blog and I came across her answers to a ‘50 things that make me happy’ tag. I love how positive this post was Sooo I decided to join in and give my answers.

Here are my answers In no particular order…
  1. Being with my family.
  2. spending time with my 2 Cats which I adore them both.
  3. creating nailart freehand.
  4. blogging and making blogger buddies.  
  5. Christmas time it is a special time for family.
  6. Sunshine on a warm day.
  7. Rainbows.
  8. Spring cleaning something therapeutic about tidying clutter and junk away.
  9. Watching movies.
  10. Making other happy by offering help.
  11. Cuddles.
  12. Hot bubble baths.
  13. Chocolate (Cadburys)
  14. Freshly washed/dried bedding.
  15. Laughing with my daughter about silly stuff.
  16. Family holiday memories.
  17. Days out.
  18. Nail polishes and make-up products.
  19. receiving a bunch of flowers.
  20. Learning how to use more functions on my Camera and my New Ipad.
  21. Watching my favourite YouTubers.
  22. Catching up on other blogs.
  23. Wedge shoes/sandals.
  24. Growing my nails.
  25. Discovering new Products.
  26. Listening to music while cleaning.
  27. Receiving compliments.
  28. Having a quite time alone relaxing/meditating.
  29. Completing a new level on my Facebook games.
  30. Chinese food.
  31. My Mum's scouse dish.( a popular meal in Liverpool of left over Sunday roast items in a bowl.)
  32. Seeing animals rescued/adopted in to a loving forever home.
  33. seeing the Labour party be voted in this election!
  34. Going shopping with my daughter.
  35. Seeing my daughter happy makes me happy.
  36. The Actor Jensen Ackles  :D
  37. My blog makeover! 
  38. A ferry across the Mersey (not done that in ages)
  39. Visiting the beach.
  40. 6 years my Husband Ste has been clear of Cancer! :)
  41. KFC -Corn Cobette Fillet Burger Regular Fries Regular Drink 1 Piece of Chicken.
  42. Wearing perfume.
  43. Having new followers on my blog and social network places.
  44. Been to see Enrique Iglesias in concert twice was amazing!
  45. Wearing comfy Pjs Love just lounging around in them.
  46. Snow makes me happy especially if it snows during the festive season.
  47. Having quality time with my Husband Ste.
  48. Warm fluffy socks.
  49. Having my make-up hair done by my daughter kim.
  50. receiving comments on my blog post it is always nice to see.
That is all my list of things to make me happy. 
What are the things make you happy?
More posts coming up shortly.
Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. awwww what a lovely post to do, and a lovely list. I will do mine on my blog soon! xoxox

    1. thanks Kim yes I would love to see your list :) xxx


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