Tuesday, 22 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Gothic

Hi lovely friends

It is that time again for FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Gothic.

I had to do a quick mani for this challenge as I did'nt have a lot of time however I managed it and here is the pic and items I used.

  • Revlon polish in Mistletoe.
  • NYC polish in Sidewalkers.
  • Pretty polish leather effect in Black.
  • Max Factor polish in Ruby fruits.
  • INM out the door top coat.
  • Make-up sponge.
  • Rhinestones 
  • 3D stickers gold cross.
  • Caviar bead in Black.
  • Silver nail art chain.

I decided to do a gradient effect for this mani by using 3 polishes,I used the NYC polish as a base for all the nails then I waited for it to dry I then painted the Leather effect Black polish on the top then the middle the Revlon polish then the NYC polish at the bottom.
I repeated this  step a few times until I was happy with the coats.
I then used the clear polish top coat and then while the top coat was tacky I placed the Silver chain on the thumb nail along with the Rhinestones for the cross.
I then painted the pointer finger with the top coat and placed the chain and rhinestones on that finger.
I painted some blood stains deep dark red polish for the middle finger.
The ring finger I used the Caviar beads and the 3D cross stuck them on with the top coat.
I then painted a star symbol on the little finger applied another top coat to seal everything and all done :)  

Check back for more Nail art shortly.
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Don't forget to check out the fabulous nail art below!


  1. These are so amazing! They look prefect! I love all the accessories you have used on them they all look great! x

    1. Thank you hun for your lovely kind comment :) xxx

  2. Your nails look fantastic.


  3. I like these! they remind me of something you would see round Halloween :D they are perfect for then! you doing so well xo

    1. Yes I agree Kim they do! hehe thanks for commenting :) xxx

  4. can't tell how much impressed i am .......... just awesome

    1. Awh thank you hun I really appreciate that from you hugs xxx :)

  5. I love how this manicure turned out! And that gradient looks amazing. Definitely a great gothic look

  6. I love this nail art a lot! Great work, really cool!!


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<3 Dawn<3

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