Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A bargain makeup brush cleaning tool!

Hey friends
How are we all doing? 
I thought I would share a little bargain find with you!
I was recently browsing on Ebay and I came across a tool to help you clean your make-up brushes!
It is called a BrushEgg made of high quality silicone it reduces the use of Brush Cleaning Solution (which dries out bristles)
I use any shampoo I do prefer one that is gentle like baby shampoo.
The smaller knobs on top is used for Foaming & Lathering - Grooves on bottom used to agitate bristles just enough to release product, dirt, and oils without stripping them 
The smaller knobs are also ideal for smaller eye brushes (Fan, Liner, Smudge, Pencil) for extra gentle lathering and releasing of dried on products. Especially waterproof mascara and liner!It removes every bit of dirt and leaves them super clean!
I do have to say that it makes cleaning brushes a breeze now and I don't dread the chore as much as I used to.

I always clean my brushes once a week 2 at most! I sit at the sink with a small bowl of shampoo ready and a towel to lay my brushes flat.and a small hand towel to gently squeeze the access water from each brush. 

I start with wetting each brush tip in warm water only! never get the handle wet because that will loosen the glue holding the bristles together.
I then dab the brush into the shampoo and then lather it up on the brushegg keep going back into the water and then the brushegg until the suds go clear white then rinse and squeeze onto the towel using your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the brush tip together gently to get any access water out then leave the brush to dry naturally.
If your brushes feel a little rough then add a small amount of conditioner after the shampoo rinse clear it will make your brush feel soft again!

I absolutely love this product!and it was only 99p! so easy to find online either at Ebay or Amazon! and what a bargain compared to the more expensive Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Glove, which can set you back around £35 £40! that is just ridiculous money to pay for a brush cleaning tool!   
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Let me know if you have tried this product?
have a lovely day!
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  1. Replies
    1. It really does get every bit of dirt and makes your brushes squeaky clean! Thanks for commenting hun ☺x

    2. It really does get every bit of dirt and makes your brushes squeaky clean! Thanks for commenting hun ☺x

  2. fab post mum! So handy to let people know this stuff, that is a must for clean brushes! xo

    1. Awh thank you Kim I really appreciate your lovely comment xxxx

  3. Wow, I need to get myself something like this! Cleaning make up brushes is one of the worst tasks - I hate it! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

    1. Oh I know I hated doing mine but this tool is great for cleaning them fully.and it gets every Lil dirt and makeup etc.thanks for commenting ☺


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