Saturday, 30 November 2013

8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge & 12 Days of Xmas Manis challenge!

Hi everyone.
I am going to try and take part in 2 festive nail art challenges for the Christmas period!
Looks like I am going to be a busy girl! lol
First Challenge is by the lovely Tracey at bitenomore  8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge!

8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge Its open to anyone and everyone who wants to join in :) Even if you can only do some of the themes and days, you are all welcome to participate if you want to, the more the merrier!!

The next challenge is by the lovely Nail Art Novice 12 Days of Xmas Manis challenge!

12 Days of Xmas Manis challenge there will be 12 challenge days starting on the 1st December and running every other day until the 23rd.
You are free to drop in and out of the challenge as it goes on-do as many or as few of the prompts as you like-it's all just a bit of fun and nothing too serious.

Let me know if you decide to take part in any of these challenges?
My challenge nail art is to follow shortly!
Festive hugs xx

Friday, 29 November 2013

The #2014BloggerChallenge!

Hi Bloggers 
What has happened to this year! it's gone by soooo fast!
Anyway I have joined The #2014BloggerChallenge! this was created by the fabulous Gaby AnotherGirlyBlog.


This challenge is to write a blog post twice a month on different topics. The posts will go live during the 1st and 3rd week of each month. Everyone who decides to sign up will get the topics emailed to them by Gaby. These topics are to give you new ideas to encourage everyone to write about things they wouldn't normally write about. 

Any Blogger can get involved no matter which topic! The #2014BloggerChallenge is also to help you gain more traffic, discover new blogs and even make blogger friends. If you'd like to be apart of this, all you have to do is email Gaby at with your name, your blog url and email address so Gaby can add you to the list of participants. - it's that simple!

I am so excited to be apart of this challenge! Let me know if you are going to take part :)

Have a great Weekend!
More posts coming up soon!
Festive hugs xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sparkly Nails nail art Festive stickers review!

Greetings All! 
I hope you all doing well.
I was sent these 2 lovely Christmas Nail Art stickers for review from the fabulous Sparkly Nails web site.  

On the left : Holly Berry Colour Stickers. On the right : Snowflake White Stickers.

How to apply

1. Paint nail and allow to dry
2. Carefully peel off sticker
3. Place onto nail and press down
4. Seal with top coat

Polishes used for this review.
  •  Laval Crystal polish in Pastel Blue.
  • BC Nail varnish in Sapphire.
  • Crystal Nails 2in1 base&top coat.

I used the Crystal nails base coat then applied the BC polish on the thumb and fingers except for the ring finger which I painted using the Laval polish.
I then stuck the Sparkly Nails stickers randomly on each nail and then applied the Crystal nails as a top coat.

From left to right : 
  • Wet n Wild Manicure White Polish.
  • O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Too hot pink to hold em.
  • Calvin Klein Glitter polish in Hallucinate.
  • Crystal Nails 2in1 base&top coat.

I painted all the nails and thumb with the O.P.I polish except the ring finger which I painted using the Wet n Wild white polish.
I used the Calvin Klein polish over the White to add a bit of sparkle.then I placed some snowflakes on the ring finger.
I then stuck the Sparkly Nails stickers randomly on each nail and then applied the Crystal nails as a top coat.

All done!
I love these Nail art Festive stickers from Sparkly Nails! they are incredibly easy to use and can check Sparkly Nails web site by clicking HERE.

A special thanks to Sparkly Nails for sending me these stickers to review!

More posts coming up shortly.
Festive Hugs to you all xx

*Products was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tag: I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here!

Hi Bloggers Hope your Sunday is relaxing and you all are well.

I seen this tag I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out of Here! Created by Rochelle and Natasha from Next-Route-Style.
I like watching the program have done since it first started!
So thought I would join in and have ago at this fun tag,and if you’re reading this, you’re tagged! As part of the tag, please include in your post the photo, the list of questions and your answers. Here is mine!

1.You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine? I would tie my hair back and put on insect repellent and tuck my jungle pants in my socks.put some lip balm on.and sunscreen high factor as prior to going in the jungle I would have already had my eye lashes tinted eyebrows shaped and waxed and my body waxed and hair free.

2. Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle? I would possibly have my hair in a tight skull plat or a high bun and a head scarf.

3. For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you? Thats a difficult one,urmm  either Oprah Winfrey because she is such an inspirational amazing positive lady. or Angelina Jollie because she is an inspiration to women also and would be a great team spirit/leader.

4. Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle? Not a skill as such but I would bring humour lol keep everyone's spirits high as much as possible other than that I would be the cleaner tidying the camp as much as I could making sure there is no bugs of the bacteria kind lurking.

5. What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’? It would have to be when I mess up a nail design or I cannot get the hang of something new and make mistakes and I wont quit till I've done it!

6. Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You’re up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
I think it would be something to do with heights as I am scared of heights so that would be a fear to I wouldn't wanna face my spider fear no way! unless I had to jump out of a helicopter away from them!

That's me done! now I tag these lovely bloggers to head to the jungle next!

Are you watching this years 'I'm a Celebrity'?

So I know you’ve taken part please leave your blog links as a comment below and I will read your blog and respond. I can’t wait to read all your answers.

Thanks for reading!
More posts shortly.

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Sparkle Queen: ShePicksMyPolish Novemeber Challenge!

Hi Everyone hope you all well.We are at it again!

We had such a fun time with the October#HePicksMyPolish challenge that we thought we would do another round in November.

Same rules apply only this time it's ShePicksMyPolish this time! this can be any female Mother/Sister/Aunt/Neice/Daughter/Best Female Friend.

She can pick 1/3 Polishes of her choosing that's all no influences from you while she picks! 
You can have a clear base or top coast or neutral polish that's it.


I asked my Lovely Daughter Kimberley to pick 3 polishes for me.
Kimberley also has her own beauty blog click HERE to check it out and please can you follow her :)

Kimberley Chosen  
  • 17 Last finish polish in Peacock. 
  • Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss polish in Pastel Pink.
  • Maybelline Forever strong in Ceramic Blue.

 Kimberley chosen well I thought and I came up with this Nail art design.

I started with a base coat using the Maybelline polish and I then took the 17 polish and did 2 coats on the thumb.using a dotting tool took the maybelline polish and did some dots.
I took a make-up sponge and did the Ombre effect on the fingers except for the middle finger I took some tape and did half/half of the 17 polish and Pastel pink.I then used a dotting tool and did some dots with the maybelline polish.
Using the dotting tool I made some flowers on the Ombre fingers and random dots.
Applied a top coat and all done!

Hope you like this mani and Kimberley's choice in polishes for this mani :)

More posts coming up shortly!

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Philippines Flag nail art for The Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Hi Everyone
I was very touched and inspired to do this post by the lovely Rachel who lives in the Philippines She was spared the brunt of the storm thankfully by Rachel did a post to raise awareness and ask for her here is her blog post for more info  The Nailinator
I am joining Rachel in the appeal to raise awareness and reach out to the kind hearts of the world to help The Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

Typhoon Haiyan was 300 miles across when it struck the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013 and one of the most intense tropical storms to ever make landfall anywhere in the world. It brought torrential rain, sustained winds of over 195mph and a storm surge of up to 30 feet that devastated coastal areas.
There are millions of people who have been affected, including hundreds of thousands who have been forced from their homes.  There are countless dead.  Those who  have survived now need urgent help including emergency shelter, clean water and food.

This is were I ask all my wonderful followers/readers to help raise the awareness and help donate to this desperate Appeal.
You can donate by clicking HERE 

The British Red Cross is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 14 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis. you can also visit their site and donate click HERE.

The UNHCR Philippines Tyhoon Appeal Please help support UNHCR’s work Click HERE

UNICEF desperately needs more funds to reach more families with life-saving aid. Donate HERE

Your donation will provide Help for the tens of thousands of people surviving out in the open and living amongst the rubble.please

Please be assured that every dollar counts! Just one US dollar can buy 3 pounds of rice or 3 cans of sardines or 4 litres of drinking water.give what you can to help these people in dire need Thank you.

I wanted to do my version of the Philippines Flag to honor the strength of the Filipino people and to raise awareness of the situation there.
Here is my nail art version of the Philippines Flag. 

      Items used.
  • Sinful Colors polish in snow me white.
  • Bad Apple polish in Red Delicious.
  • 17 Last Finish polish in Midnight Blue.
  • Technic Nail art pens in White and Black.
  • Crystal Nails 2in1 base and top coat.

I used the Sinful colors white as a base for the thumb and the middle and little finger.
I then used the Red delicious across the first finger and left a small section on the top of the nail for the white polish.
I did the same using the Navy blue polish on the ring finger.
On the thumb I halved the red and blue then left a section on the top to fill in the white with my white nail art pen.
I then went back to the middle finger using the Gold pen and made a sun shape and then on the little finger I made a star.
Using the Gold pen I then tried to do the sun and 3 stars on the thumb hehe gave them all a top coat using the Crystal nails 2 in 1 and their all done!

This is the finished look. I hope you liked my Philippines Flag nail art and please don't forget to give as much as you can to help the Philippines people 

Thank you.

More posts shortly.
Seasonal hugs! xx

Monday, 18 November 2013

benecos natural Nail Polishes review!

Hello Dear Bloggers. it sure is chilly out there.hope you all keeping warm and well.

I have a fantastic Nail Polishes review for you today from the wonderful Ingrid at Pravera Direct,
an online natural and organic beauty shop.

Today's products are 7 benecos natural Nail Polishes 

I was also sent some beauty products samples 

From left to right :Cherry Red. Sweet Nougat. Pepper Green. 

From left to right : Sandstorm. My Secret. Crystal. Rose Passion. 

Benecos natural Nail Polishes
Your hands are on show daily, give your nails a splash of colour with benecos natural nail polishes.
benecos offers 16 different brilliant shades of natural nail polish, there is at least one nail polish to suit you, all the nail varnishes are vegan friendly, free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, clolphony, this natural nail varnish has not been tested on animals.
No base coat needed
Finish off the look with a coat of benecos clear nail polish.

My thoughts 


Type of polish: Natural polishes vegan friendly and free from toxic chemicals

Number of coats:
2.the dry time is very good

The formula is flawless

It applies wonderfully (as do all of the benecos nail polishes,)Brushes on very well.

Top Coat: The clear polish in Crystal is wonderful gives a glossy finish.

Color accuracy in pictures:

Easy to use = 9/10

Application = 8/10 good brush

Drying time = 9/10

Lasted well = 9/10

Finish = shiny/glossy

Removal = easy to remove

Overall = 9/10

Buy from =benecos

And now for my Nail art creations with the benecos polishes!

First Nail art is called Benecos Jigsaw  

New camera please bare with me on the settings hehe

The thumb and all the fingers apart from the ring finger and little finger, I chosen 4 benecos shades :Sandstorm.My Secret.Sweet nougat.Rose passion.Cherry Red.Pepper green.  and did a square grid and painted each shade in the individual squares.
I chosen2 shade for the ring finger and the little finger and halved the nail.
I used a dotting tool and did the circles and then I used a nail art brush and outlined them in the Pepper Green. then I applied the benecos Crystal top coat.

Next Nail art is called Benecos Ombre dots


I used a make-up sponge and a dotting tool.I took 3 benecos shades and painted 3 stripes across the sponge then dabbed the sponge on to each nail except the ring finger.I painted that in Sandstorm.I repeated this sponge effect 2/3 times then once dry I applied a top coat.went over the nails with the dotting tool and all done!

This next Nail art I done is called benecos Jungle Leopard print

I painted a base coat using benecos Sandstorm and on the ring finger I used Rose passion,I then used a dotting tool to make the leopard dots in Sweet nougat.and then using the dotting tool I took some benecos Pepper Green to finish the leopard print applied the benecos Crystal top coat and all done!

This next nail art is called benecos Roses

I used benecos Sandstorm as a base for the thumb and fingers except the ring finger I used benecos My secret.then I used my nail art brush and hand painted the roses in My secret and Rose Passion.  applied a top coat and done!

My last nail art is a lovely Christmas theme called benecos Christmas Holly

I used the benecos Sandstorm as a base on all the fingers and thumb except for the ring finger I used benecos Cherry a base. I used the benecos Sandstorm with a dotting tool and placed some dots on the ring finger.
I also used the benecos Cherry Red for the holly using a dotting tool and did 3 dots. I used the benecos Pepper Green for the holly leaves using a nail art brush. applied a top coat.

I really enjoyed doing these Nail art designs requested by Ingrid from Pravera Direct, I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the fabulous Ingrid for kindly sending me the great products benecos Nail Polishes to review. I highly recommend benecos polishes you will love them like I do.
Get the Fabulous nail art you like without the toxic chemicals.Click HERE to see the collection of Polishes from benecos.

Have you tried benecos polishes?which shade do you like best?

I am featured inside for the Nail art designs I recently did with the Benecos nail polishes 
for review you can check that review HERE
I am so pleased and proud to be featured inside.Thanks to all at Pravera and to Ingrid :)
More posts coming up shortly. 
buh bye for now. 

*Products was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.

•    Free from soap, sulphates, synthetic tensides
•    Non-drying
•    Make-up remover
Cleansing lotion with ecological oils and nourishing Sea buckthorn.  Make-up remover, 100% soap free, sulphates free and synthetic tensides free.  Suitable for all types of skin, though especially suited to dry, normal and sensitive skin. Nourishing Cleanser gently yet effectively removes make-up without irritating your skin or drying it out.  Naturally balanced pH5.5. - See more at:
•    Free from soap, sulphates, synthetic tensides
•    Non-drying
•    Make-up remover
Cleansing lotion with ecological oils and nourishing Sea buckthorn.  Make-up remover, 100% soap free, sulphates free and synthetic tensides free.  Suitable for all types of skin, though especially suited to dry, normal and sensitive skin. Nourishing Cleanser gently yet effectively removes make-up without irritating your skin or drying it out.  Naturally balanced pH5.5. - See more at:

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