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Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light review

Hi friends
A very Happy New Year to you all.

I was kindly sent the Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light to review.

Lumie Clear acne treatment light.
Product description

Lumie Clear

Double-action red and and blue light therapy for a safe, natural way to treat mild-moderate acne.

The natural way to treat acne

Lumie Clear is a compact hand-held LED light therapy device clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne. It combines blue light to attack the bacteria that causes acne with red light that soothes inflammation and heals the skin. Lumie Clear has no side effects at all, is not inconvenient and invasive, and is easy to use. It can also be used safely in conjunction with other treatments. Lumie Clear is a one-off expense that can actually work out cheaper than alternatives over time.

    Lumie Clear is a proven treatment for mild to moderate acne, without the side effects of drugs and creams
    45 blue and red LEDs to kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation and heal the skin
    Hold Lumie Clear next to your skin for 15 minutes of focused treatment or on the adjustable stand for a longer session treating a wider area
    You should see a difference within four weeks - call Lumie on 01954 780500 if you don't - and significant improvement after 12 weeks

Mains-powered, 10 x 15 20cm, 753g, 3-year guarantee, Medical Device (class 2a).

Blue-red light therapy for acne

Acne often appears to improve after spending time in the sun. Research into the effects of light as a treatment have focused on two parts of the light spectrum: blue light (415nm), which attacks the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, and red light (660nm), which is known to soothe inflammation and promote healing. Leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu of Hammersmith Hospital studied these effects on over 100 patients. Those using combination blue-red light therapy saw a real difference after four weeks. At twelve weeks their skin was, on average, 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer. Lumie Clear has been developed with input from Dr Chu's research team.

Using Lumie Clear

Treatment times depend on the distance between your skin and the light. For best results, hold Lumie Clear next to your skin and treat a discrete area in just 15 minutes per day. Alternatively, use the adjustable stand to treat a larger area; this is a more comfortable way to treat your shoulders, back or face and takes around an hour. The combination of 45 red and blue light saves you having to undergo two separate treatment sessions.

Lumie Clear features a built-in timer so that you can accurately measure your treatment sessions. The hands-free stand allows you to get on with other things while the light is working on your skin. Goggles are also included, though you'll only need them if the light is shining at your eyes. The light head folds down into the base for compact storage and the whole unit is small enough for you to take it with you when you go away.

My thoughts.
Now I was a little secptical at first if this product would actually help improve my acne, as I suffer with PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
The most common immediate symptoms are anovulation,
excess androgenic hormones, and insulin resistance.
Anovulation results in irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and ovulation-related infertility.
Hormone imbalance generally causes acne and hirsutism.
Insulin resistance is associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol levels.
The symptoms and severity of the syndrome vary greatly among those affected.

As I suffer from time to time of acne breakouts not just on my face but also mainly on my back.
I thought I would try the Lumie light and see if it would help the inflammation and redness and ease the spots.

I started on a 4 week trial of using the Lumi each day for 15 mintues on my face and 15 mins on my back.
I started with my usual facial cleansing wash/shower and with my face patted dry I then sat in front of the Lumie on my dresser. I would suggest wearing the goggles if you are facing the light as the light is very bright and on the instructions it suggests you wear goggles.
I then turned around to face my back to the Lumie for another 15 mins the timer is great as you can just sit and listen to music or tv or read if you can using the goggles lol.

I will say after a few days of using the Lumie light I noticed the redness and inflammation was fading on my cheeks but mostly on my back! I also asked my husband if he noticed any difference on my back and he told me that the redness had almost gone and the spot sizes were smaller.
I had a horrible breakout on my cheek before I even started using the Lumie and once I started using the Lumie my horrible breakout was fading away. My back was the main reason why I used the Lumie as I would get itchy, red, sore, spots on my upper part of my back and the Lumie helped tremendously with dealing with that and taking the red, sore and itcy spots.

I was noticing a big difference in the sizes of my acne, they seemed to be reducing in size everytime I was using the Lumie. I then started noticing the soreness of my back acne was gone!
The Lumie helped my face because I was suffering from a bit of dryness from the winter time and the Lumi some how made my skin a little oily and not as dry so that for me was a plus, but because it made my skin oily I would use a antibacterial wipe to clean the Lumie for the next use. I would suggest doing that, for hygeine reaons.

I would say that if you are not a very paitent person the Lumie will be a bit of a chore for you, because it is very time comsuming and to stick to it daily and make it part of your daily face routine but it is very worth it, because after a few weeks you see a big difference in how your skin feels and looks.  
I will being continuing to use the Lumie on a regular baisi now to help keep my spots at bay and help my skin.

I can honestly say I am impressed!

A big thanks to the PR staff at Lumie for letting me review this wonderful product.

Happiness is a state of mind... decide to be happy this 2015!
Make 2015 your best year ever! Happy New Year to all my Family and friends :)

*Product was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.

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