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World Cup Nails 2014.challenge -Argentina

Hiya friends

How are we all? good I hope.

I was kindly asked recently by the lovely Emily at nailsxo to participate in her 'World Cup Nails 2014.' competition.

I am not a fan of Football really but you don't have to be to join in this challenge as it is just for fun and you may even win a prize!  

Emily randomly chosen each member to a team Emily says that you can make some nails based on the country you are paired up with, it can be anything you like it doesn’t have to be their flag, it can be something to do with their culture for example.

So I was paired up with Argentina!
For my nail art I did choose the easy option and do there flag.

Here is the items I used to create my football team's nail art!

  • INM out the door top coat.
  • Rimmel polish in Too cool to tango.
  • Saffron polish (no name sorry but is like a mustard yellow)
  • Technic party brights polish in AYA NAPA.
  • NYC polish in Pinstripe White.
  • Accurate nail art pen in White.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Football stickers.
I started with a base coat of White on the thumb gave it 2 coats.
Then for the other nails I did 2 coats of the Aya Napa polish (Green).
I then took the White nail art pen and hand painted a football pitch on the middle finger.
Using the stickers I stuck some Footballs on the other nails.
The thumb I painted 2 stripes across the nail using the Rimmel polish and then using the dotting tool I dotted a sun shape in the centre of the nail on the White.
Gave all the nails a top coat and all done!

I really enjoyed doing this manicure and love the footballs.
Hope you liked them to.
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Have a wonderful Day!


  1. Awh I'd have loved to do this challenge! :) I have some world cup nails on my blog :) !
    I love what you did! Great football pitch :D xxx

    1. Hi Emma I am sure you still have time to enter this challenge if you'd like?just ask Emily she is lovely and she will let you know.
      Thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

    2. There is still time to join if you want to, I think there are 4 countries left and you would have until the 4th June to make some, just drop me an email at if you're interested :) xx

    3. Yay! I emailed :) !! Thanks! (In fact I'm so excites by this, that I had a dream about it last night haha!)
      By the way Dawn, I love the frames you've uses for your pictures! Especially the Garfield one aha! Xx

    4. awh you are welcome hun I am glad you taking part :) glad you like the frames hehe hugs xxx

  2. These are so creative! I love how you have made the picture frames football-like and the fact you're holding mini footballs it's fab! I'm glad you have gotten into the spirit :D ! What I also love is that you drew a football pitch! These nails are so cool, thanks for taking part and good luck!! I believe Argentina have a good chance! The World Cup page has now been updated with your design :D

    1. Thanks Emily hun I did get into the spirit of things doing this nail art! I wanted it to be fun looking and easy to do so anyone can re-create it if they wish :)
      As for the small choccy footballs well umm they disappeared somewhere lol :D xxx

  3. Oh, they're fab! I'm not a football fan either but love it when everyone joins in these challenges. I agree with Emily the pitch looks great. I really need to get me a grass coloured polish for nail art!

    1. Hi hun awh thanks so much for your nice comment :) I used Technic party brights polish in AYA NAPA. for my pitch colour.I no Rimmel and revlon have some good grass colours.

  4. Wow, great mani and amazing pictures! Dawn you are really good and creative :D

    1. Thanks hun I really appreciate that comment hugs xx :)

  5. These look stunning! You've done really well :-)

  6. Super cute! Love the stickers!

    1. Thanks lovely I am glad you like them! :) xx

  7. These are really cool! I love this x

  8. Gorgeous! Love the football pitch idea, very clever!! :D

    1. Thank you for your kind comment :) xx


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