Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day Flower nails

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's out there.I hope you are getting pampered and look after on this special day.

I have a Mother's Day nail mani today.
This is also for the Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge/Mother's day!

Items I used.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Snow me white.
  • Saffron polish in Pearl Pink.
  • NYC top coat.
  • Black nail art pen.

I took the inspiration from my Daughter Kim's bedroom curtains.
Kim was the one who gave me the idea so I thought I would give it ago and do freehand painting these flowers onto nails!

I started off the mani with a white base coat to make the pink color pop more.then when dry I painted the Pink polish on each nail.
I carefully started to copy the flower pattern freehand onto each nail using the nail art pen in black.

I then applied the top coat and that is it :)

I really enjoyed doing this manicure and love the flower pattern.
Hope you liked them to.
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Have a wonderful Day!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nail polish Haul

Hello there friends
I have been a busy bee lately but I found the time to go shopping with my daughter Kim and on our travels I bought some polishes! hehe

I purchased some of the Spoiled polishes from TJ Hughes 
Poundshop/poundland The99p store.
The Sinful Colors is from The pound stores and the Sally Hansen polish.
The Filthy Gorgeous polishes and Jess Glitter polish all from the poundshops 
The Wet n Wild polish and the Laval polishes are from Ebay.
The new Aquarium collection from Barry M.2 polishes and the studio London nail kit is all from Superdrug.

I will have some swatches of them soon!
Just a short post today sorry guys I will be posting my Mother's Day Nail art tomorrow.
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Love and hugs 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Animal print nails

Hey lovely friends how are we all? good I hope.

I have a mani to go with my new blog name logo! I was having a mess around trying different looks and I thought I would do the same pattern.

 Items I used are as follows...
  • Sally Hansen polish in Shocking nude.
  • Rimmel polish in Too cool to tango.
  • Filthy Gorgeous polish in Rosey Posey.
  • Catrice Million styles effect glitter top coat.
  • Black nail art pen.
  • INM out the door top coat.

I started with the Sally Hansen shocking nude on each nail 2 coats.
Then I dabbed a few random messy dots using the Rosey posey polish and I did the same using the Rimmel polish on the ring finger.
I outlined the spots using the nail art pen and applied the glitter topper over the ring finger and little finger. then once dry I applied the clear top coat.

This is a very simple design to do and I had fun doing this :)
Hope you liked my Animal print nails mani :)

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge! Freestyle

Hello Friends 
Hope you all doing good.
I have another manicure for you today for the Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge! Freestyle

The items I used for this nail art. 
  • Sally Hansen polish in Polar Bare.
  • Color Club Polish in London calling.
  • INM out the door top coat.
  • Various colors Acrylic paints.

I used the Sally Hansen polish as a base coat then I applied the Color Club polish to each nail.
I then did one stroke flowers using white and brown paints mixed and green for the stems. Applied a top coat and this manicure is done :)

I wanted to practice my one stroke technique and I am fairly happy with the outcome of this mani :)

Well that's all for now but I do have some more nail art and reviews coming up shortly!
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bye for now.


Friday, 21 March 2014

TMI Tag!

Hey friends
I have been tagged by my lovely friend Emma over at Emma's Space
This tag is a fun Q&A (To Much Information/ TMI )
Here are my answers to the question's...

1) What are you wearing?
I am currently wearing my pink pjs all comfy and cosy.
2) Ever been in love?

Yes and I still am in love with my wonderful husband Ste.

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?
I think when you are young and think you're in love when in fact you are not really and your heart is broken its just life's stepping stones to better relationships and true love. 

 4) How tall are you? 
I'm a small fry 5ft 4 

5) How much do you weigh?
oh goshy this aint one I wanna answer lol I weigh more than I should!

6) Any tattoos?
No but have thought about getting one then thought nooo don't like pain. and besides how awful will it look when I turn an O.A.P ewww 

7) Any piercings?
Just my ears.

8) OTP?  
I have no clue on what it means 

9) Favourite show?
Has to be Supernatural (usa tv series) and my usual soaps Eastenders and corrie. 

10) Favourite bands?
I like lots of bands from U2. Def Leopard. Level42. Cold play.

 11) Something you miss?
More someone really my loved ones in spirit and my Cat Sassy and other pets that passed away.   


12) Favourite song? 
Katy Perry - Dark Horse 

 13) How old are you?
38 years young.

14)Zodiac sign?


15) Quality you look for in a partner?

16) Favorite quote? 
“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

17) Favorite actor?

Has to be Jim Carey and Jensen Ackles of course!

18) Favorite colour?

19) Loud music or soft?

Depends on my mood but in between

20) Where do you go when you’re sad?

I turn to my hubby or daughter or go to my bedroom.

21) How long does it take you to shower?

Usually about 20mins

22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

At a push about 40mins but normally about an hour.

23) Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes when I was young in primary school a girl pulled my friends hair so I smacked her one and got in trouble.   

24) Turn on?
OOh umm I would say a sexy male aftershave scent that is worn on a romantic evening together.I love a man that smells sexy! 

25) Turn off? 
Rudeness and bad breath and a dislike for animals.oh and smoking.

26) The reason I started blogging?

Was my daughter Kim she encouraged me to start my own blog to share my nail art and views and reviews on beauty and stuff.

27) Fears?

Losing loved ones/pets. Hate Spiders and Moths. deep water Fireworks.

28) Last thing that made you cry?

was a few days ago I felt sorry for myself with back pain and was fed up with it. 

29) Last time you said you loved someone?

Today I always tell my hubby and daughter and pets I love them every day :) 

30) Meaning behind your blog name?

I named my blog after my Cat Sassy who sadly passed away Sep 2011 I thought what a lovely way to remember her though dedicating this blog to her.

31) Last book you read? 
The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.  

 32) The book you’re currently reading?
I am not reading any at the moment.

34) Last person you talked to?
My daughter Kim.

 35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My daughter Kim

36) Favorite food?

Chicken (KFC). Roast dinner. Chinese food. jacket potato.

37) Place you want to visit?

I would have to say a lovely romantic holiday in the Maldives and renew our wedding vows a secluded water villa :) 

38) Last place you were?
Well I have been home today but y/day was at a hospital appointment.

39) Do you have a crush?

Oh of course my hubby Ste is my main crush.however I do have a slight crush on Jensen Ackles! ohhh heck to the yes!

40) Last time you kissed someone?
My hubby today.

41) Last time you were insulted?
I think it was on Tuesday my Mum was moody lol.

42) Favourite flavour of sweet?
Umm has to be various because I only munch on Loveheart sweets or jelly babies but I can't have many because m diabetes. 

44) Favourite piece of jewellery?
Has to be my wedding ring and engagement ring then my diamond earring and necklace set my hubby got me one Anniversary. 

45) Last sport you played?

I don't play any sport. 

46) Last song you sang?

 Katy Perry - Dark Horse 

47) Favourite chat up line?
I don't have any they are to cheesy  

48) Have you ever used it?


49) Last time you hung out with anyone?

Well I hung out with my daughter last night and had a girly time and a good laugh :) 

50) Who should answer these questions next?

makeup with kimmy




I enjoyed doing this tag and If I've not tagged you and you want to do the tag, please join in! leave links to posts in my comments please, I'd love to read everyone's answers!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My first 1 stroke flowers nail art

Hi friends
I am sorry I have not posted much this week I have not been very well however I am getting better now :)
I have a nail art post for you today my first attempt to do 1 stroke flowers with Acrylic paints.

  • Barry M polish in Vivid purple.
  • Sinful colors in Moma san.
  • INM out the door clear top coat.
  • Acrylic paints various.

I used the Barry M polish on all the nails except the ring finger which I used the Sinful colors polish.
I then mixed various shades of paint to get the pinkish color with purple and then white and painted different petal shapes on the nails.
I waited for them to dry and applied the clear top coat.

All done :)
I hope you liked my first try at this 1 stroke painting I have never done this technique on nails before and not on a small scale either but I enjoyed trying.
I have also been playing around with my blog font and background I am still having a mess with them let me know what you think of this font and background?
Thanks for stopping by please follow my blog if you haven't already.
I have more posts coming up in the next day or so!
Have a great day/evening where ever you are be safe and be happy :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The colorful festival of Holi & St Patrick's Day nail art

Hello there my Lovely friends.
I hope you are all doing well.I have been resting lately after having some intensive physiotherapy for my back pain during the week which I did not like one bit! however I have to slowly get my back stronger with  physio anyways I am doubling up for 2 celebrations this week.
The colorful festival of Holi! and St Patrick's Day!  the 2 nail art challenges from style those nails challenges

Then the St Patrick's Day is also for the FingerFood's Theme Weeks St Patrick's Day

First manicure is for the the colorful festival of Holi!
Holi is a festival celebrated in north India. It marks the coming of Spring, usually in March.Holi is a colorful festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of powder paint and colored water all done in a spirit of celebration.

I love the beautiful colors used for this celebration so here is the items I used for my manicure.
  • Sally Hansen polish in Polar Bare.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Candy Coated.
  • Rimmel polish in Violet Metal.
  • Catrice cosmetics million styles effect Glitter top coat.
  • Crystal Nails 2 in 1 base&top coat.
  • Barry M Gelly polish in Blueberry.
  • Barry M Gelly polish in Greenberry.
  • 2True salon shine polish in Mila.
  • Barry M Textured effect polish in Station Road.
  • Jess polish in Frenchie.
  • Barry M polish in Peach Melba.
  • Barry M Gelly polish in Grapefruit.
  • 2True salon shine polish in Jessie.
  • Make-up sponges.
  • Dried flowers various colors (wheel)

I did a gradient effect manicure with different colors and dried flowers.
I started with a base coat of the Sally Hansen Polar Bare on each nail.
When dry I started with the thumb and I applied the Sinful Colors Candy Coated on half of the make-up sponge then I applied the Rimmel Violet Metal on the other half. I then dabbed the sponge onto the thumb and repeated this until I was happy with the coats.
I then applied the top coat and while wet I placed the purple dried flower on the nail and on the nail tip I applied the Catrice glitter topper.

The first finger I applied the Barry M Blueberry and greenberry on another make-up sponge and applied a few coats then the Blue dried flower and glitter topper on the nail tip.

The middle finger I used The 2True Mila with the Barry M Station road on a sponge and applied the dried yellow flower and glitter topper on the nail tip.

The ring finger I used the Jess Frenchie with the Barry M peach Melba on a sponge and stuck on the Cream flower with the glitter topper on the nail tip.

Little finger I used the 2True Jessie with the Barry M Grapefruit applied the glitter top on the nail tip and the flower then on all nails I sealed with the top coat.

Next up is my St Patrick's Day manicure!
Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide.

  • Sally Hansen polish in Polar Bare.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Rise and shine.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Pistache.
  • Color Club polish in London Calling.
  • Saffron glitter topper color 04.
  • B&M Neon polish in green.
  • Beauty uk Glitter polish in Mermaid.
  • Accurate nail art pens in Glitter Green/Gold and metal gold.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Studs & Sequins.
  • Inm out the door clear top coat.

I started with Sally Hansen as a base.
I then did a gradient effect on the thumb first middle finger using the sinful colors polishes and Color club polish applying the 3 polishes onto a sponge and dabbing it onto the nails I applied 3 coats of this.
The ring finger I did half of the sinful colors polishes then on the little finger I applied the Neon green.
The thumb and the first finger I used the acrylic paints to hand paint the clovers I then used the nail art pens and glitter to decorate them.I then applied the saffron glitter topper.
I used the acrylic painted for the rainbow colors then I painted half of a pot of gold using the nail art pens and glitters.
The ring finger I stuck on some sequins and studs and also on the little finger.and I applied the beauty uk glitter once dry I applied the clear top coat.

I hope you liked my manicures for the challenges.

May the Irish hills caress you;
may her lakes and rivers bless you;
may the luck of the Irish enfold you; 
may the blessings of Saint Patrick, behold you.

More posts coming up shortly.
Thanks for reading and if you haven't followed me please do.and check out the wonderful manis below!
bye for now. 
Happy Holi & St Patrick's Day!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge! Dots&Stripes

Hiya Everybody Hope you all well,

It's that time again for another Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge! Dots&stripes.

I took my inspiration from Victoria's Secret store shopper bag.although there is no dots just stripes I decided to add some dots :)

Items I used for this simple easy manicure.
  • NYC polish in Pinstripe White.
  • Barry M silks polish in Blossom.
  • Revlon polish in Sweet Tart.
  • Technic nail art pen in Shimmer pink.
  • Disney nail art pen in Pink.
  • Inm Out the door clear top coat.
  • Dotting tool.

I started with a NYC white base coat Then I used the Barry M silks and Revlon Sweet Tart in a few stripes on the thumb and middle and little finger.
I then painted the first finger in the Revlon polish and then used the dotting tool to do various dots on the first finger and ring finger using the polishes and nail art pens.
applied a top coat and all done.

I absolutely LOVE Victoria's Secret scents/perfumes clothes etc the store in the Trafford Center in Manchester is amazingly beautiful set in the same color theme as my nails and soooo girly and luxurious I am so glad we have the stores in the UK now :)
Well that's all for now but I do have some more product reviews coming up shortly and more nail art!
Thanks for reading and if you haven't followed me yet I would love you to, and please check out the wonderful manis below!
Buh bye for now.

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