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I recently contacted the 2 True cosmetics  to request some product samples for me to review on my blog,To my surprise I received a lovely email back the very same day from the PR company,A lovely girl named Laura offered to send me some products to review on my blog.
I was happy that Laura was very professional and polite and kind.
I quickly replied and was thrilled at the kind offer so I gladly accepted!

The very next day I received my parcel in the post!
With pure excitement I opened the parcel to find some pretty nail polishes including 2 lovely 2 true sparkles nail glitter and 2True Pro 3D Candy Nail Art.

I was really eager to paint my own nails for this review but I will say my cuticles arent in the best shape at the moment but I am getting more use to repairing/treating my nails.
so before I painted my nails each time I used a base coat by Wet and Wild also for the fact each bottle from 2 Tue states "apply a base coat to avoid staining".

The first polish I tried was 2True Pro Sequins Nail Polish in Tyra.
 My first thought was how the size was pretty big and it was designed well.
The colour is a fabulous sparkly gold with speckles of silver.
I found the formula very good not clumpy and easy to apply. It dries pretty quick which is good if you glamouring your nails for a party/night out on the town!
The quality is very good I was impressed. 
With this look I sprinkled some 2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Nail Polish in Danni

on a accent nail for extra glam glitz sparkle!
Its best to use a small bowl or container to sprinkle the glitter over the nail while it is still wet with a base colour polish.Then simply tidy around the nail,use a top coat if desired and you're good to go party!
2True Pro Sequins Nail Polish. 2True Pro Sparkles Nail Glitter

Next I used the 2true Pro Salon Shine Nail Polish in tangerine Mila.
What a vibrant orange colour! This was so easy to apply and the formula was a good consistency I found using one coat would have been good enough but I wanted to try 2 coats for a full effect.
The polish dries quick and has a great extra glossy shine so no need for a top coat unless desired.  
I really like this Pro Shine collection and I must take a trip to superdrug to try the other colours soon! 
2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Nail Polish in Kimberley. This went on an accent nail,I think it goes well with the orange.
This is a Aqua super sparkly Blue! I love it!
I used a small bowl or container to sprinkle the glitter over the nail while it is still wet with a base colour polish.Then simply tidy around the nail,use a top coat if desired.

2true Pro Salon Shine Nail Polish
2True Pro Sparkles nail Glitter

Next is 2true Pro Salon Shine Nail Polish in Jessie.
This is a beautiful shade of Red,a very sexy sultry ultra glossy polish and again so easy to apply! The texture is nice and thick,one coat is fine,and no top coat needed. A great polish for the Christmas party season!

2true Pro Salon Shine Nail Polish

Ooh  I really do love this polish! 2 True Pro Metallica Nail Polish in Artemis.
This is a pretty chrome Lilac/purple finish with intense colour coverage.
I found this polish was super fast drying and thick in texture,
I found it not glossy but kinda matt looking.  

On the accent nail is another glitter 2 True Pro Sequins Nail Polish in Elle.
This is such a pretty pink glittery sparkly polish.You can never have to much glitter!
again I found the formula very good not clumpy and easy to apply,dries pretty quick.
You can either use a base colour or just paint it straight on to your nails! 1 coat is fine. 

2 True Pro Metallica Nail Polish
2True Pro Sequins Nail Polish 

The last 2 products is another fabulous 2True Pro Metallica Nail Polish in Aglala
This is a nice minty silvery green colour.I like the texture and the look very simple to apply although it dries super fast so work quick as it can go gloopy on the nail if you dont have enough polish on the brush.
Other that that it is a good polish to have and would work well with dark colours. 

On the accent nail is  2 True 3D Candy Nail beads in marine.
These are a dark blue and greeny blue coloured beads and very tiny.
Goshy these beads are tricky if you are not use to using them.I used a small container to catch any loose beads as I sprinkled them over my wet polished nail. 
Then I applied a top coat from MUA after about 5mins to keep them in place.
then simply tidy around the nail for any stray beads.
I do like the look of these beads and I think they look really nice on the nail.I do recommend them as they are tricky but fun!
Go on give them ago! :) 
2 True Pro Metallica Nail Polish 2 True 3D Candy Nail beads 


So my friends overall I highly recommend 2True Nail Art products and Polishes! either for beginners or professional Nail artists.
The quality of the products is in my opinion better than some of the leading competitors!I I also find the price is excellent value for money.
Every girl should have 2 true in there nail collection :)

I want to also say  HUGE Thank you again to the wonderful Laura for supporting my blog and sending me some fabulous products to review! 
I highly recommend the company and there products I am so pleased to have been introduced to this brand of nail products by 2 True  and I will be purchasing some more very soon!

I hope you enjoyed my 2True review.
More posts coming real soon! thanks for reading :)

<3 Dawn <3  

*These polishes were sent to me for review


  1. The glittery gold and orange one are my favourite!
    Lovely shades :)
    UK High Street Fashion
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    1. They are fab colours! thanks for your comment :)

  2. Great post! Those products all look really good!

    Beth | LittleMissFashion

    1. Thanks for commenting :) They really are great products! I highly recommend them :)

  3. This orange shade is absolutely gorgeous!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

    1. I love the orange shade also! Its such a gorgeous colour to have. thanks for your comment :)

  4. Nice set of products there, really taken with Jessie, what a fab colour

    1. thanks for your comment.I agree I think Jessie is fab too! :)

  5. I love your blog! This is a great post :)
    Come visit me <3

  6. Thanks Tanya for your lovely comment.I'm glad you love my blog!please don't forget to follow me :)

  7. Oh wow! I've never actually even seen this brand (Shameful I know...)

    But they are gorgeous! Especially the gold shade, its got a real Autumn tone to it, lovely reviews!

    1. Thanks Chrissy.Yes you're right the gold does have an Autumn tone to it.:)

  8. the gold and brassy coloured glitters are so pretty!


    1. thanks for commenting! yes the gold glitters are really pretty and easy to remove also which is a bonus for glitters :) xx

  9. Lovely post! I love the 2true metallica nail polish xx

    1. thanks for your kind comment :) I think the metalillca polishes are amazing and the colours are really nice.worth adding to any collection xx


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