Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Day Poppy nail art.

Hi everyone((( hugs))) x 
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in the UK.

So I thought I would share my Poppy nail art.

  •  From left to right:(I also used Red and Blue and light Blue Rhinestones for the thumb and first finger and black beads for the centre poppy)
  • Technic Glitter polish in Mermaid(blue)
  • W7 Glitter polish in Blue dazzle
  • W7 Glitter polish in Cosmic green
  • Maybelline forever strong pro polish in Ceramic Blue
  • Disney nail art pen in Red
  • Saffron polish colour 15 (green)
  • Technic clear top coat
The thumb and the first finger and ring finger I painted the Maybelline blue as a base.
I then painted a poppy shape using the Disney nail art pen and did the same to the first finger and ring finger I added 2 poppys.

I then used the Saffron green to paint the leaves and the poppy stem.
I went over the leaf on the thumb with the W7 cosmic green. 
I then mixed the glitter polishes green and blues for the middle finger and little finger.
back to the thumb I then carefully placed red rhinestones on the poppy and left a small space in the centre for the small black beads.

I then placed the other rhinestones in a row on the first finger.used a dot of black nail art pen.
used a top clear coat on them then all done!

New Camera still getting use to it lol

About the Poppy Appeal

Each year the nation expresses its unequivocal support for The Royal British Legion's work through the Poppy Appeal.

The Appeal is the Legion's biggest fundraising campaign and was launched nationally on Thursday 24 October with a concert for Service personnel and their families.

This year, the Legion is focusing on the range of work it does to support Armed Forces families, whether they are families of personnel on active service, of those currently in transition from military to civilian life, or of veterans.

Poppies were first suggested as a symbol of Remembrance in 1918 and were adopted by the American Legion in 1920. In 1921 the British Legion adopted it and the first Poppy Appeal was born.

Every poppy helps to support the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families.for more information on how to donate please click

Please give generously and wear your poppy with pride.

Have a great week everyone! thanks for stopping by:) more posts coming up soon!



  1. pretty :)

    great products !! :)

    1. thanks for the kind comment :) the products are nice hehe xxx

  2. Wow these are fantastic! Such a great way to join in on rememberance!
    Good job!

    Hannah x

    1. many thanks Hannah for the lovely comment :) it sure is a nice way to join in for remembrance day xx I like your blog so I followed you :) please can you follow me back hugs xxxx

  3. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for your comment and for following my blog :)

    Lovely nail design, you must have a lot of patience to get them looking this neat :)

    What a great way to show your support on remembrance day.

    Laura x

    1. Hi Laura x aw thanks for commenting back :) it does take practice and lots of patience lol thanks for the nice comment on my nail art hugs xxxx

  4. OMG you're sooooo talented! I absolutely love them... I wish I could do nail art, love them Dawn xxx

    Gemma //

    1. awww thanks so much Gemma I really do appreciate your kind comment :) its so nice to receive such positive feedback hugs xxx

  5. WOW really love your version, especially the thumb!!!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting hun :) I like the thumb too hehe xxxx

  6. I love this nails! They look soo cute and your blog looks beautiful, i'm also just starting on blogspot xx julia

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet kind comments :) best of luck with your blogging! :) xxxx


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