Friday, 27 June 2014

TarasTalons polishes review&nail art

Hello friends

Have you all had a good week? my week has been busy.
I have a short post for you today I recently bought some indie polishes from my friend Tara at TarasTalons Tara is having a break at the moment from making polishes and her online store will be re opening when Tara is ready to come back!  :)

I did want to picture all of the delights I bought but my camera has been naughty and wont play nice.
Luckily for me I took these pictures a week ago but didn't get to take all of the polishes and goodies photos I got from Tara not only the ones I bought but the welcome package sent by Tara for being on TarasTalons Team. however keep a look out because the team will be doing reviews once Tara is ready to come back :)

TarasTalons opened in April 2013 and is the UK’s oldest handmade indie polish brand! 
All TarasTalons polishes are one off, limited edition or custom.
The polishes are of excellent quality and beautifully made colours.they came perfectly wrapped and secure.

My TarasTalons Team Welcome package!
Now for my nail art :)
The items in the above picture are as follows
  • Saffron polish (no name) silky mint pastel green.
  • TarasTalons polish in Tigerlilly.
  • TarasTalons polish in Sugary Sweet.
  • Saffron polish (no name) silky Olive/goldish green.
  • NYC clear top coat.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Mixed Rhinestone pearl beads.
  • Make-up sponge.

I wanted to do a summery floral manicure using the 2 beautiful shades of polish Tara made. so I decided to do a gradient effect with flowers.
I started with a base coat (white) then I took the make-up sponge and painted across the 2 shades of polish and applied the sponge to each nail.
I repeated this step about 2/3 times.
Once the polishes are drying I went over them with the clear polish to blend the colours.
I then took my dotting tool and made some flower shape petals using the Saffron mint green and the Goldish/green polish for the stems.
applied a small dot of clear polish to the centre of some flowers and added the pearl beads.
For the ring finger I went over with a glitter topper Tara made called Fairy (sorry not pictured)then added a clear top coat to seal it all.
I will be picturing all my TarasTalons polishes shortly with some more nail art!

I hope you liked my TarasTalons mani!
Thanks to Tara for sending me my bloggers TarasTalons welcome package and for making such wonderful polishes. Thanks for stopping by please follow my blog if you haven't already Thank you :) Have a fabulous Weekend!  


  1. Oh wow this is stunning Dawn :-) Nice polishes! That pink is so pretty :-)

    1. I love the 2 shades together and yes that pink is so gorgeous! thanks for commenting :) xx


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