Saturday, 9 August 2014

£&$ signs nails

Hey friends

How are we all doing? good I hope.
I have a short post for you today I did a quick easy nailart for you today which is something we all know well and wish we had more of! well I do anyway hehe yup it's the Pound £ and Dollar $ signs!

 Items I used listed below.
  • Saffron polish (no name Olive/Gold)
  • Color Club polish in London Calling.
  • Nailart pens in black and silver glitter.
  • INM out the door top coat.
  • Jess glitter polish in Oxygen.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Snow me White.
  • O.P.I Crackle polish in Silver.
  • Tarastalons polish/Holo 186.
  • Various Rhinestones and Holographic rhinestones.

I started with the thumb nail I painted it a base colour using the Color Club polish gave it 2 coats. Once dry I placed some gold Rhinestones on in the shape of a Pound sign. and I stuck on a darker gold to shadow the edges of the sign.

I then used 2 coats of the Saffron polish for the pointer finger and Hand painted a Dollar sign using the silver glitter nailart pen then outlining the edges in black.

The middle finger I painted the holo polish gave it 2 coats once dry I stuck on the holo rhinestones in the shape of a Pound sign.

The ring finger I painted the nail 2 coats of White polish then when dry I went over it with the crackle polish I then stuck on some gold rhinestones in the shape of a Dollar sign and for the 2 black lines going through the sign I used the Black nailart pen.

The little finger I used 2 coats of the White polish went over it with the Jess glitter polish and stuck a holo rhinestone on the top. 
gave all the nails a top coat and all done.

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Have a lovely weekend!



  1. money and diamonds :)- lovely design Dawn!

  2. This looks awesome Dawn! Very bling hehe :-)

    Did you get to check out the Essence's in Wilkos yet? I've bought more today lol :-|

    1. Hi hun thank you for your kind words :) oooh no not yet I am going to plan a trip in to town this week though so will get some from wilkos then :D

  3. Lovely post!


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