Thursday 16 January 2014

Animal Charity of the month nail art!

Hi My wonderful Friends.

I decided to start a monthly Charity nail art post. what I mean by this is I am going to pick a charity for that month and do a theme nail art related to that charity. a bit like when we raise awareness for the likes of Breast Cancer awareness. I want to use my blog and nail art to raise awareness for the chosen charities.

My first chosen Charity is for an Animal rescue centre which is local to me and there is also a centre in Wales. which is Freshfield's Animal Rescue Centre.

Here is some information about Freshfield's Animal Rescue Centres.

Dedicated to Saving the Lives of Unwanted, Homeless and Abused Animals
The charities main aims and objectives are to provide sanctuary and relief to all animals who need it whilst providing a focus of learning, education and example in man’s association with animals.
Freshfields animal rescue is a non profit making charity caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals. We act as a temporary refuge and sanctuary for an endless cycle of animals in need of help.
Our aim is for the misery to stop once they reach us, with each animal receiving the food, medication, socialisation and the love it needs.
Our ultimate objective is to find the right new home & family for each of our charges as quickly as possible!
If you are able to offer an animal a home please browse our site, there are many other ways you can help us to help them see this link
East Lodge Farm, Ince Blundell, Liverpool L29 3EA
Which deals with all manner of animals from cats and dogs to the more unusual ferrets, chinchillas and other exotics.
Bryn Melyn, Nasareth, Caernarfon
Which is primarily a Horse and Pony sanctuary but is also home to numerous cats, kittens and other small creatures.
We receive no regular funding and would be very grateful for any support you could offer.
Please note: our policy is to not home dogs to families with children under 5 years old.
This is a charity close to my heart as I love all animals and I would adopt them all if I could.
In 2011 shortly after my Cat Sassy died of cancer We decided to adopt 2 cats from the Centre. so we went along and after a difficult choice of which cats to pick as there is so many lovely kitties we finally found our 2 girls Mother and Daughter Bella and Sophie whom we have grown to love both of them very much.

Bella the Mum is the gray cat & Sophie the Daughter is the White fluffy cat.
The Centres work very hard to help Animals and raise money for the charity by the kindness of the general pubic to donate what they can.
You can help by donating HERE.
For more information on how to help please click HERE.
You can also sponsor any of the animals either for yourself or as a gift. When you sponsor an animal your donations are used to help all of the animals in our care.

You can also kindly donate items on Freshfield's Animal Rescue Centre wish list page on Amazon Click HERE

YOUR TEXT to 70070 can make an INSTANT DIFFERENCE to the life of an unwanted, abandoned or abused animal!' To donate to our Welsh rescue just text WLSH11 followed by the amount or to donate to Liverpool text LIVP11 followed by the amount. You can text donate any of the following - £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10... PLEASE DON'T HESITATE, the animals need you to make that instant difference TODAY!

There are many many Animals in both Centres that are desperate for loving caring forever homes.
If you feel you can give an Animal a loving home or know someone who does please adopt a pet today by visiting the centre near you.
Thank you.

Finally here is my Nail art for this charity.I used Acrylic paints to create this nail art.
I decided to paint some Animals that are looking for a loving home.
The details and information is listed below...

Admitted: 01 Feb 2013
Status: Available on loan
Breed/Type: Gypsy Cob
Sex: Female
Age: 5
Colour: Piebald
Affectionately known as one of 'The Cardiff Horses' Emily was part of a group that was rounded up in early 2013. All were illegally fly grazing, the owners were given two weeks to claim their horses before rescue centres could come forward, any not homed would sadly go to slaughter.
To Adopt click Here

Admitted: 17 Dec 2013
Status:Looking for a home
Breed/Type:American Bulldog Cross
Age:2 Years
Colour:White & Tan
Used to Kids:Older only
Used to CatsNo
Used to DogsYes - but not to live with
History of Biting No
This gorgeous girl is having no luck in life.  She originally came to us in the summer 2013 as the landlord did not allow pets, she has since been to a couple of homes and always been returned through NO FAULT OF HER OWN!  Every time Skye thinks she has found a loving home and a new mum and dad, something happens to take it away from her.  Skye is a happy, fun loving girl, she loves playing and lots of affection.  Her previous home told us that despite the stress she was under at Freshfields (she gets very upset with kennel life), she is very calm and well behaved in the house.  Skye meets dogs well when she is out and about on walks, she crawls across to them on her tummy to say hello, so very cute and submissive!  Skye has also met a cat, unfortunately for her she was swiped across the face by the naughty kitty (!) but she didn't retaliate so their is a possibility she could be ok with cats.  Skye needs someone home for most of the day as she is a young girl.  This beautiful, loving lady will make a wonderful friend.  She just needs a chance to find a family that will promise to commit to her, look after her and love her forever!
To Adopt click HERE

Admitted:28 Sep 2013
Status: Looking for a home
Breed/Type: Black and White Dutch
Sex: Female
Age: 6 - 12 months
Colour: Black and White
Vaccinated: Yes
Used to Kids:N/K
Used to CatsN/K
Used to DogsN/K
Litter TrainedN/K
History of Biting No
Tabitha has come from a home where there were just too many rabbits and is now looking for a new home and a new friend to share it with.
She will need a hutch with a run attached.  The run should measure at least 5ft x 7ft and must be fully secure.  It can either sit on concrete/paving slabs or on grass but if it is sited in a grassy area, mesh will need to be placed under the grass to prevent digging out.
If you think Tabitha may be the ideal companion for your rabbit please give us a call to discuss bonding.  We do all the bunny bonding here at freshfields and so you must be prepared to leave your rabbit for as long as it takes for him to be happy wih his new friend, this generally takes an average of 5 days although it can vary.  Your rabbit must also be neutered and be up to date with his vaccinations.
To Adopt click HERE
Admitted:01 Dec 2012
Status:Looking for a home
Sex: Female
Age: 8 years
Colour:Black & white
Used to Kids:Yes
Used to Cats Yes
Used to Dogs Yes
Litter Trained Yes

Rehomed from us as a kitten. Suffered from continual bowel problems throughout her life. Returned to us as owner's circumstances changed. Had her large colon removed and with her new diet, a mix of Hills senior and T/D dry she is defecating solid poos. Rehomed for one week, family could not cope.
A great and funny girl. She bunny hops around at quite a speed. She is affectionate and loving to most of whom she encounters. Although in her previous home she was at times dominating to the older cat who lived with her. She is quite a playful feline, running up and down the cattery with the youngsters if she gets the chance. We would love her to have a garden to run around in, to feel the sun on her back and the grass on her whiskers.
She will need to stay on her strictly controlled diet, would therefore benefit from being an only cat. Experienced cat family please.
To Adopt please click HERE

I hope you liked this post and it wasn't to long for you.I just want to help raise awareness and try my best to do what I can to help.
You can also join in if you like Just choose a Animal Charity of your choice post some information about that charity and add a bit of Nail art relating to that charity! I would love to see your posts.
More posts coming up shortly.

Just to add Freshfield's Rescue Centre recently contacted me to thank me for my support in raising awareness and possible donations through my blog!
You can see my preview on there website here 
I would like to say a huge thanks Freshfield's Rescue Centres for all there continuing hard work in helping. Animals.


  1. Dawn this is amazing, what a lovely idea, and your nail art is INCREDIBLE! <3 xxxx

    1. Thank you Emma I love animals and if I can help in some way then I try my best :) xxx

  2. Fantastic post, and gorgeous designs! You are amazing Dawn :D

    1. Awh thank you so very much hun that is a lovely thing to say :) I think you are amazing too :) xx

  3. Such a wonderful idea (and of course gorgeous nail art). I'm definitely going to join in on this. You're more than welcome to share this on the group page and my nail page too :)

    1. Thank you so much Sam I really appreciate your support :) I will look forward to seeing your post! hugs xxxx

  4. This is such a great idea! And girl you have amazing tallent! I would like to join too =)

    1. thanks so much for your wonderful kind comment :) I would love for you to join in :) there is the inlinkz above xxx

  5. Dawn you are kicking off this challenge to a fantastic start! Those animals are so lucky to have you on their side. Your nails look so beautiful, and I'm sure you will be raising awareness for Freshfield's Animal Rescue Centre. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you so much hun for your touching kind words :) I am glad people want to help in raising awareness for charities and this month there will be a lot of lucky animals who will have lovely bloggers posting about there charity to help them :) xxx

  6. OMG this is so cute <3 I love the thoughtful and deep meaning behind it!

    1. Thanks very much hun I appreciate your lovely comment :)

  7. Wow!GREAT art work!Can i submit your own art?

    1. yes you can add your animal nail art for the challenge by using the inlinkz button above. thanks for commenting :)

  8. Wow love the nails. I share my life with a beautiful black and white cat by the name of Chi. He had been recommended to me by a friend and staff member of Freshfield's Wales, and literally walked up to me as we entered the cattery and sat at my feet. I brought him home in Oct 2006, he was approximately 6 then and had been in the centre for almost a year.
    I adore him and he is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. Sometimes he sleeps tucked into my chest with his head resting on my cheek, or tucked under my chin. :)

  9. I love your nail art. Fantastic and very worthy cause.
    My lovely Chi~cat came from Freshfields, Wales back in 2006, he was recommended to me by a friend who works at the centre and literally walked up to me as soon as we entered the cattery. I adore him and he is the most affectionate cat ever. He was about 6 when he came home with me and had been in the centre for almost a year.
    They do an amazing job with all of the rescue animals and under such difficult conditions at times.
    Thank you for helping them x

    1. Hi Sue Thank you so very much for your comments about your sweet lovely Cat Chi what a lovely friendship/bond you both share :) I feel so much gratitude to Freshfelds Rescue Centre as that is where I got to meet my two girls Sophie & Bella I couldn't believe they was over looked for over 6 months as I know so many do! but I am glad they was because they was meant for our family as they are part of our family and we love them very much they are so spoilt hehe. I adore them both their little funny personalities there bond with us and as Mother & Daughter is just special :) Thank you again for sharing your experience I am so glad there are kind caring people out there like you that want to help animals too by simply giving them a loving caring safe home hugs to you and Chi <3 xx.


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