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Philippines Flag nail art for The Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Hi Everyone
I was very touched and inspired to do this post by the lovely Rachel who lives in the Philippines She was spared the brunt of the storm thankfully by Rachel did a post to raise awareness and ask for her here is her blog post for more info  The Nailinator
I am joining Rachel in the appeal to raise awareness and reach out to the kind hearts of the world to help The Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

Typhoon Haiyan was 300 miles across when it struck the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013 and one of the most intense tropical storms to ever make landfall anywhere in the world. It brought torrential rain, sustained winds of over 195mph and a storm surge of up to 30 feet that devastated coastal areas.
There are millions of people who have been affected, including hundreds of thousands who have been forced from their homes.  There are countless dead.  Those who  have survived now need urgent help including emergency shelter, clean water and food.

This is were I ask all my wonderful followers/readers to help raise the awareness and help donate to this desperate Appeal.
You can donate by clicking HERE 

The British Red Cross is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 14 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis. you can also visit their site and donate click HERE.

The UNHCR Philippines Tyhoon Appeal Please help support UNHCR’s work Click HERE

UNICEF desperately needs more funds to reach more families with life-saving aid. Donate HERE

Your donation will provide Help for the tens of thousands of people surviving out in the open and living amongst the rubble.please

Please be assured that every dollar counts! Just one US dollar can buy 3 pounds of rice or 3 cans of sardines or 4 litres of drinking water.give what you can to help these people in dire need Thank you.

I wanted to do my version of the Philippines Flag to honor the strength of the Filipino people and to raise awareness of the situation there.
Here is my nail art version of the Philippines Flag. 

      Items used.
  • Sinful Colors polish in snow me white.
  • Bad Apple polish in Red Delicious.
  • 17 Last Finish polish in Midnight Blue.
  • Technic Nail art pens in White and Black.
  • Crystal Nails 2in1 base and top coat.

I used the Sinful colors white as a base for the thumb and the middle and little finger.
I then used the Red delicious across the first finger and left a small section on the top of the nail for the white polish.
I did the same using the Navy blue polish on the ring finger.
On the thumb I halved the red and blue then left a section on the top to fill in the white with my white nail art pen.
I then went back to the middle finger using the Gold pen and made a sun shape and then on the little finger I made a star.
Using the Gold pen I then tried to do the sun and 3 stars on the thumb hehe gave them all a top coat using the Crystal nails 2 in 1 and their all done!

This is the finished look. I hope you liked my Philippines Flag nail art and please don't forget to give as much as you can to help the Philippines people 

Thank you.

More posts shortly.
Seasonal hugs! xx


  1. I am so proud of sassy little nails!!! your blog is coming on so quick! love your pictures and the nail art is gorgeous, your very talented!! xxx

    1. thanks Kim I really appreciate the encouragement and support you give I love you lots xxxx

  2. I love them!!! Thank you so much for spreading the word about the Philippines! There is still so much need but so many people are helping and it is going a long way. Thank you again. These are just great. :)

    1. I am so glad help is getting there and I am happy you like my post.I was very inspired by your post and wanted to do what I could to raise awareness and help as much as possible.hugs to you keep strong xxx


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