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Backlife product review!

Hi Everyone I hope you all keeping well.

I have a health review product to share with you today.

I will begin with a short bit of information as to why I wanted to review this product with you.The reason being is 2 year's ago I injured my lower back while decorating the Mother in law's hallway wallpapering. Its easily done I know but I have never had pain like that in my life!

I slipped a disc and had some physiotherapy which was basic back exercises which did help but I suffered again six months later after my disc slipped again. I was virtually immobile for a few days barely could walk,eventually the pain eased.
So to cut a long story short I have suffered most days with some sort of back pain from mild to very severe.

I was kindly sent the Backlife for free to review on my blog from a lovely lady Paula at JD Harris they provide a range of innovative health, beauty and fitness products to UK and worldwide can check there web site click HERE.

I want to tell you guys if this helped me and does what it claims to do which is to help ease back pain.Go make a quick cuppa and come back and get comfy to read on:)


This picture is from their web site

This picture is from their web site
JD Harris product information 

Backlife is about the only device in the world that is clinically proven to relieve lower back pain 

Ever been to a chiropractor or osteopath for lower back pain?

They usually start by putting their arm underneath your knees and gently rotating your pelvis. This technique is called Continuous Passive Movement (CPM) and therapists use it to loosen up your muscles and mobilise your spine.
CPM is a proven medical technique which is used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths.
With most lower back pain your muscles tense up around a damaged area making your problem worse. CPM eases the tension in your muscles and helps your back recover.
Backlife is the only machine in the world which performs CPM on your lower back.

Backlife is used in NHS Hospitals to treat lower back pain

CPM machines are used in hospitals to help patients recover from muscle and joint damage. And even though Backlife is designed for home use it is also used by several NHS hospitals.

12 minutes a session

Each session lasts 12 minutes. You just lie on your back, flop your legs over the top and press the button. Backlife then runs through a 12 minute routine. You can do this up to 3 times a day
If you can have physiotherapy you can use the Backlife to relieve your back pain.
“Backlife stimulates movement between the facet joints in the spine. This decreases the stress between the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles and tendons.”
- Dr Steve Lamm, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Backlife is Clinically Proven to relieve back pain

My Review of the Backlife product.

I used the Backlife for a period of 2 weeks for 12 minutes everyday.
I found the product was well packaged and was very simple to set up.
It came with a user manual and 2 dvds to help you get started.

I used the Backlife at different times, one day would be the morning time,next day it would be the afternoon and the day after the evening time.I did this for a reason because I wanted to test the product at different times of the day depending on my daily activities and pain level for that day.

The first time I set up the product was when it was delivered! which was the morning time.
I looked over the user manual and then I lied on the floor with the Backlife close to my bottom as instructed.
A good tip here is I have laminated wooden flooring and it can be a little cold to lay on and uncomfortable so I used my exercise mat to lay on which also stops the product from moving as I found out before hand not using a matt,but you could use a rug or blanket if you dont have a mat. You can also pop a pillow under your head for comfort.

My level of pain on the first day was mild so the first time using this was strange but somehow relaxing.
I could feel the machine moving my spine gently and feeling my muscles relax more during the 12 minutes.

The next few days using the Backlife was almost the same feeling very relaxed and bare in mind my pain was mild thankfully.
Now I never wish bad pain on myself but I did want to know if this would ease bad back muscle spasms and pain when I did have it.
The things that would kick my back off would be the simplest of things such as twisting or getting out of a chair or doing housework.
As you guessed it being a housewife and Mum doing evil housework would kick my back off often and by the first weekend of using the product I strained my back causing some spasms not severe but painful to carry on doing my usual cleaning routine.
so I got my Backlife ready that same day and being honest here at first I didn't notice a huge difference in easing the pain just a ease in muscle tension and relaxing.

This picture is from their web site

So the next day and day after I still was having some spasms but when using the product I actually noticed the pain easing more and more and a soothing relief.
My back eased up until this weekend gone(26Oct)I have been busy re-decorating my daughter's bedroom painting it,its only a small room however my back was strained getting up and down the ladder and rolling and painting.I stopped and took breaks also but by the time I finished I was suffering bad,as in spasms and stiffness and bad pain.
So this was an ideal time to use the Backlife and OMG did this help me! I used this for the 12 minutes while laying there watching X-factor on tv lol and I can honestly say hand on my heart the pain eased up fast!I felt so soothed and relaxed and after the decorating I thought my pain would be bad for a few days at least! but no this proves to me using this product daily has helped me by improving my mobility and easing pain.

Overall since using the Backlife I have found my back is more stronger and recovers a lot quicker when pain does happen this is the best pain relief for me.

I shall certainly carry on using this on a regular basis and I highly recommend the Backlife to anyone who suffers with lower back pain even though this is a considered purchase at RRP: £299.00 NOW: £235.00
this will be the best investment you will make to benefit your life. 

I also highly recommend JD Harris company! I found Paula a very professional kind and lovely lady who has excellent customer communication skills and kindly sent me this wonderful product to review I want to thank JD Harris and Paula for there support and kindness and allowing me to review this wonderful health product.

Thanks for reading.more posts coming up shortly.

*Product was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.

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