Saturday, 8 February 2014

Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge, Birthdays/Celebrations

Hello friends.
What a week weather wise! here were I live in the north west of the UK has only had bad gale force winds and rain.but I do wish those who are effected by the floods and severe weather down south are safe and well I cannot imagine the stress and upset of what they are going through.

Now its time I posted my Birthdays/Celebrations nail art for the Finger Food’s Theme Buffet Challenge!

I decided to do Birthday cupcakes and candles.

 Above is the picture of the items I used for my nail art.
  • Glitter top coat.
  • Sally Hansen polish in Polar Bare.
  • Manhattan polish in Yellow.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Snow me White.
  • Ciate polish in Kiss Chase.
  • Maybelline polish in Porcelain Pink.
  • Revlon polish in Orange Pop.
  • Revlon polish in Mistletoe.
  • NYC polish in Blue Sky.
  • Technic nail art pens in White and Silver.
  • Disney nail art pens in Cream and Green.
  • Various beads/rhinestones nail art wheels.
  • Dotting tool.

I started with a White base coat using the Sally Hansen polish on the Thumb and middle and little finger.
I then used the Revlon Mistletoe polish as a base for the first finger and the ring finger.
Once dry I then painted Ciate pink polish on the nail tip on the thumb then I applied the Sinful colors white polish above the Pink line tip and made a icing shape.using a pink nail art pen I did some stripes for the bottom of the cake.
I did the same on the Middle finger using the Maybellline pink polish as the nail tip and I did the same for the Topping using the Sinful colors white polish.
On theFirst finger and the ring finger I used the Technic nail art pen in white and did some stripes for the candle shapes. I went over 2 with the cream nail art pen.
(I used marker pens in yellow and red and bue for the candle stripes)not in picture sorry.
I used the dotting tool and applied random dots to the topping using the pink and green nail art pens.
For the flames I used the Manhattan polish and then the Revlon polish in Orange pop .
For the little finger I used the Manhattan polish for the cake topping.and did the same for the sprinkles using the dotting tool for the cake base I used the NYC polish then the cream nail art pen as the stripes.
I glued on the heart bead on the thumb and the other beads on the cakes. applied a top coat of glitter on some  of the nails and its ready make a wish and blow the candles and eat!

I am holding a tub of cake sprinkles for cakes!

There we have it my yummy cupcake nail art with candles.
I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.
I have more posts shortly.
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  1. These look amazing as always. Tried cupcake nails myself but failed miserably. Will try again though xx

    1. Thanks Tracey :) yeah give it another go hun I bet it turns out great! xxxx

  2. Cupcakes look so yummy;)

    1. I know hehe makes me hungry! thanks for commenting :) xxx

  3. Love them! My favourite is the pink cupcake :) oh and the wee cute heart gem on your thumb! Great Mani! Xxx

    1. awh thanks hun I love the pink cupcake and the heart gem :) xxxx

  4. This is amazing design- your candles are gorgeous! Take care Dawn :D

    1. Thanks hun I appreciate your lovely comment hugs xxxxx :)


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<3 Dawn<3

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