Sunday, 2 February 2014

Health/Disease Charity of the month nail art!

Hi Everyone.
It's time for my Heath/Disease Charity of the month nail art!
Don't forget you can post your Animal charity nail art any time until it Ends: February 10, 2014, 

But for now I decided to do Cancer Research for this month's charity nail art.
I have lost loved ones to Cancer as many have also.
But for my story it has been a difficult one regarding Cancer.
My Father in law sadly died from lung cancer in 1996 weeks after I gave birth to my Daughter Kimberley.

In 2008 my Husband Stephen age 34 at that time was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at stage one.meaning his cancer tumour growing on his right kidney thankfully was slow growing not aggressive but as you can imagine this was a huge shock for us not knowing if he would be ok or not.
a few months later Ste had a major operation to remove the tumour from his kidney.
The surgeon told me exactly what they did during the surgery (hope you not eating)  they had to remove some fatty tissue and then carefully separate the kidney from vains and arteries then they froze the kidney cut the tumour off the kidney while still frozen then plugged the hole with fat then thawed popped his kidney back in! how amazing!
Poor Ste had a terrible time recovering though and a 18 inch scar across his back.
But after scans tests Ste was given the all clear and now 5 year's on (having yearly MRI scans) he still has the all clear :)

2011 We lost our lovely Dog Lucy to cancer she was only 8.then a few months later we lost our Cat Sassy to breast cancer.we miss our pets every day.that same year Ste lost his Uncle to lung cancer.

So I know just how important it is to raise awareness for this charity to help them in the hard work to find cures and raise funds.there are many ways to help simply click here to find out more...
you can find more about this charity by also clicking here   

Now here is my nail art.

List of items used.
  • MUA clear top coat.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Snow me White.
  • MUA polish in Koala Bear.
  • NYC polish in Midnight Amethyst.
  • Saffron polish in a pearly pink sorry no name.
  • Etude House ice-cream polish in Blue-mint.
  • Dotting tool.

I decided to do the Cancer Research logo colours with the C on the thumb using my dotting tool to create this C shape.
I used the Sinful Colors as a base then on the middle and little finger I used the NYC polish.
I used the various polishes with my dotting tool on the white base applied the top coat then all done.

Thanks for checking my Charity nail art this month.
If you would like to join in please check out my FaceBook page for more information and join the group!The more awareness we share for charities the better :)
I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear your story, wow its hard to think of all you've been through and can still carry on, but happy to hear your hubby is ok now. My Nan had Bowel cancer which was mis-diagnosed, I was kid but helped my Mum look after her and basically lived at the hospital! Our yorkie was put to sleep as she was riddle with it. Hope a cure can be found and soon. Much love xxx

    1. Thanks Tracey xx it has been a difficut few years gone by but the main thing is Ste is doing well and we are so thankful for that each time he has his scan.
      Sorry about your Nan and your Yorkie I too hope a cure for all cancers is found asap thanks for commenting hun xxxxxx

  2. Awh, what bad luck you and your family have had with cancer :(
    So glad to hear that your husband is still in the clear though :)
    It's amazing what medicine and surgeons can do, and that operation sounds remarkable!!
    Lovely manicure, the colours go well together, so pretty, and the dots are really effective.
    Great charity too. Xxx

    1. Thanks Emma sure was a difficult time but we are a strong family and we have got through it together :)
      it sure is amazing what medicine and doctors can do these days.that surgeon saved Ste's life and I am glad he is doing well too.xx thanks for your kind comment about my nails hugs xxxx :)

  3. so sorry about your losts...But that's really beautiful manicure!


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