Monday, 7 April 2014

FingerFood Theme Buffet- Delicious

Hello friends.
Hope you all had a nice weekend.
Sorry I have not posted these past few days I have been looking after my Husband Ste who just had eye surgery to repair the eye muscles in both eyes. He is recovering well and good.thanks to everyone who posted well wishes on  Facebook much appreciated :)

Now back to the nail art challenges! today is the FingerFood Theme Buffet- Delicious. hosted by the lovely Sam.

I was kindly given some lovely Mother's day gifts by my lovely daughter Kimberley who also bought me some yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates!
So I decided to eat the contents and save some wrappers and the empty box for this theme nail art!

Items used.
  • Revlon polish in Hot Chocolate.
  • Benecos polish in Nougat.
  • NYC Matte top coat.
  • Etude house ice-cream polish in Chocolate.
  • Ferrero Rocher wrappers and box.
  • Crumpled plastic.

I started with the Revlon polish on each nail then when dry I went over it with the Benecos polish and then when dry I used the crumpled plastic and dabbed some of the ice-cream polish on the plastic and dabbed it on to the nails.
I then used the Matte top coat over the nails waited for it to dry fully then I used the wrappers and on the back of each wrapper I used clear polish and stuck them into place on each nail. all done simple and yummy enough to eat!

Check back shortly for more nail art!
Please don't forget to check out the other wonderful bloggers nail art below. Love & Hugs  ♡Dawn♡  


  1. Awesome nail art hun with such a yummy chocolate :) xx

    1. Thanks hun the chocs was yummy :D xxx

  2. Yummy! I loooove Ferrero Rocher chocolates! That's one of the best things ever:)
    Lovely mani:)

    1. awh thanks Ela I enjoyed eating them! :D xxx

  3. wow hats off to your creativity. This looks so yummy

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) xx

  4. Everything about these is awesome - super creative and beautifully put together! Plus they're my favourite chocolates ;) xx

    1. awh thank you Sam :) they are my favourite chocs too! xxx

  5. Yummmmm! These are great!! What a super idea! Xxx

    1. hehe they sure were yummy when I ate them! :D thanks for commenting xxx


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