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W7 products review with nail art!

Hi friends I have another post for you today W7 products review!
I was kindly sent these items to review on my blog by Aqua PR

Real Hair Lashes
Real Hair Lashes are 100% human hair and are available in 6 fabulous designs.

I do like these lashes as they feel so real and you dont notice you are wearing any false lashes as they feel so comfortable and not like spiders legs getting in your vision.
I decided to trim my lashes a little as these was to long for me.
I applied a coat of mascara on my own lashes I then used the glue provided in the pack and gently applied the false lashes over my own lashes.
Easy to apply and take off.
I will be purchasing more of these lashes as I got a few compliments while wearing them on how real they looked!
Overall 10/10

Massive Lashes Mascara in black.
Massive Lashes has a wide brushed wand to created lengthy lashes. 

I have tried this mascara a few times now and I have to say its better than I thought it would be!
I found it wasn't clumpy or flakey and didn't make a mess of my lashes like some mascaras can.
I liked the brush as it covered my lashes evenly and I found it made my lashes looks slightly longer.I needed a few coats for a good result.
 London Eyes eye shadow palette
 London Eyes is a 24 piece eye shadow palette

I absolutely love this palette! the colors are gorgeous and will match all eye colors/skin types.
I have been having a play around with the colors and I find the pigmentation is good quality and feels nice on the lids not heavy and is easy to apply.
I used my own eye shadow brushes but it comes with 2 eye shadow applicators.
This is excellent value for money and I am amazed how well the product lasts on the eyes it wears well and the colors are fabulous!
I will be doing a more fuller review of this palette with eye shadow looks with pictures coming up shortly in another post.
Overall 8/10
Africa bronzer/blush
Go wild for this gorgeous face powder! Illuminates skin for a fearless look.  

I have bought this bronzer before in the past and I really like it.I was so pleased when I was sent one to review as I ran out of my last box and needed a new one of these.
I have to say this is a great bronzer/blusher for anyone on a budget or simply want to try something new. as these look similar as the Benefit box bronzers are exspensive and these are a great price and not bad quality either.
It has pink and brown shades with a hint of glitter and comes with a handy flat top brush. 
I use this sometimes to contour my face and sometimes I sweep it across the face for a more bronze look especially in the summer great to apply over the face if you want to leave out your foundation as it gives a lovely glow.
Lashtastic Mascara
Lashtastic creates a look of false lashes with a short plastic brush applicator.

I like the brush and the fact it does make my lashes more fuller after about 2/4 coats can get a little watery but I think some mascaras need to dry up a little more to make it just right to apply.
Overall is not bad for a bargain price.
Paint the Line black liquid eyeliner
Paint the Line is a black liquid eyeliner with a brush applicator.

Now I do like liquid eyeliners and my favorite I use is Maybelline stiletto eyeliner
Have tried this now a few days and I really like it! it goes on well and the tip is thin which I like because it gives you more control of how thin or thick you want your line.
great product would recommend.
Overall 9/10
Blush Baby Born Pretty.

Born Pretty is part of the Blush Baby collection. 2 more sumptuous shades to choose from!

This is a soft light rosey peach color that feels silky on the cheeks this is a great shade for spring /summer as it is light and not heavy looking so a subtle shade would go great for a fresh nude look.
Overall a pretty blush 7/10
Camera ready face primer.
Prime your skin before applying foundation for a flawless finish! This formula corrects pigmentation and dissolves the look of enlarged pores.

OMG I love this primer I have used this now every day for a few days and I am pleasantly surprised how well it works!
This has kept my make-up on for hours and has reduced my larger pores and even some lines.giving me a flawless complexion.
I used this after I did my usual morning facial routine wash/toner moisturize. I then apply the primer all over my face this feels so soft almost like velvet when applying and dries in fast.
A little goes along way.I will be definitely purchasing this primer again!
Overall 10/10
Super Tint Moisturiser Medium.
Get the coverage of a foundation and the comfort of a moisturiser with Super Tint! Available in Dark also.

Unfortunately this was the wrong shade for my skin tone as you can see from the picture below.
However I did give this a try on my face and applied it very lightly I guess I could get away with wearing this shade in the summer and use a lighter powder on top with the Africa bronzer and my fake tan hehe
I found this very ease to use worked well into the skin when buffed with a buffing brush.as I said I used a little at a time very lightly on the face and it felt soft and moisturizing on my skin.
Overall 7/10
Now for the nails!
Asian Rain Magic Beads
Asian Rain Magic Beads contains 1 nail polish, 1 bottle of beads, a funnel and a tray. Available in 2 other colours. 

These are great little balls of fun for your nails! lots of pretty colors and so many creative things you can do with them.
They can be tricky to apply on the nails but a good nail glue/top coat should keep them little fellas stuck on the nail.
I did struggle a little trying to keep some beads on the nails but the good thing is you can add a few as you go if need be.
Overall 7/10

Perfect Pink Nail Bling kit.
Perfect Pink Nail Bling contains 1 nail polish and 2 pots of glitter. Available in 10 other colours. 

I love these W7 nail art kits! they are such fun and the quality of the products are fantastic.
Great value for money and there is a good choice of colors.
I like the consistency of the polish is not to thick or thin dries well and lasts a while with a good top coat.
The glitters are easy to apply simply tip your wet polished finger nail into the pot
and gently shake the access off.
love it!
Overall 9/10

I have added some nail art with the nail bling kit and Asian Rain Magic Beads!

Items used
  • Sally Hansen polish in Polar Bare.
  • W7 polish in Fluorescent Pink.
  • W7 Magic Beads in Asian Rain.
  • Technic clear top coat.
  • 2 pots of Glitter.

I started with painting a base color using the Sally Hansen polish.
I then applied the W7 Fluorescent Pink polish to each nail once dry I then used the 2 glitters on the pointy finger and the other glitter on the ring finger.
I applied the clear top coat and carefully dabbed my little nail onto the beads then with a orange stick carefully picked up beads and added them to places.
I then used the clear polish across the middle nail and carefully placed the beads across the nail using a wet nail brush then applied a coat top to seal it all.

Well that is all for now sorry if this has been a long post I do hope you enjoyed reading.
I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful PR people at Aqua PR for sending me these wonderful products to review!

More posts shortly  
Please follow my blog if you haven't already, Thank you :)

*Products was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received. 





  1. I love W7 products :)- nice mani :D

    1. I like them too :) thanks for commenting xxx

  2. My god Dats a lot if products and lovely review fr each one of them. Nail art was d best.


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