Thursday, 5 March 2015

The NasiVent Tube product review!

Hi friends

I hope you all are well and get a good nights sleep un like me!
Yes my Husband often snores and he gets an elbow in his side for it! hehe

I recently seen the NasiVent Tube  to help stop snoring on the. jdharris web site

So I thought I would ask them if I could review the NasiVent Tube on my blog and see if it helps me get a good nights sleep!

Product description
Nasivent is the easy, drug-free way to stop snoring instantly
the most effective way to stop snoring

Let's face it, snoring often gives everyone a bad night - you, anybody sleeping next to you and often people in other bedrooms.

The NasiVent Tube helps you stop snoring, breath better, sleep better and feel better. You just place the soft NasiVent Tubes inside your nose. The Nasivent then stiffens the nasal passages so you breathe better.

NasiVent is drug-free, non-prescription and consists of soft flexible hypo-allergenic silicone material. When correctly placed in the nose the Nasivent:

    Relieves nasal congestion caused by allergies or colds
    Improves breathing for people with a deviated septum
    Stops snoring and sleep apnea

The Nasivent is made from soft medical silicone and contains no toxic plasticizers or colours. There are no side effects caused by long or short-term use of the Nasivent to stop snoring.

The Nasivent stops snoring even when you are sleeping on your side. It comes in four different sizes.

Designed in Germany, Nasivent does not cause a dry mouth and you save money in the long-run because Nasivent is designed to last for 10 years.

My review
I was very pleased with the fast delivery service and how well packaged the item was.

I know this product really was for my husband Stephen to try but well he gave me his opinion to add to this review as well as my own.
Stephen said that the NasiVent medium size was comfortable to wear during the night the material is very soft and flexible.
Stephen found the Nasivent a great product for snore r's.he found he could breath easier through his nose during the night.
However from my point of view this product was used for over a period of 4 nights and each night was different.
Stephen is currently getting medical advice and investigation to his snoring and sleep apnea, he has recently found out his nasal passage on his left nostril is less wider through an injury many year's ago (broken nose) and it may need surgery to correct this. he also has a flappy palette which causes the snoring also.
So unfortunately the Nasivent did not work as effectively as it should as Stephen was still snoring. 
I really wanted this product to work for us but Stephen's medical issues are the reason.

Now just because the Nasivent did not work for Stephen does not mean it wont work for other's this great product has many positive reviews from happy customers you can also check this online and also at

 I want to thank for sending me this product to review.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day!  
more posts coming up.

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