Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Glowy Ghosts & Witches Warts nail art

Hello my fangtastic friends.
I hope you all will be having a spooky time this Halloween.
I have done a Halloween nail art with glow in the dark nail polish!
I hope you like my Glowy Ghosts & Witches Warts nail art...

Here is the items used to create this mani.from top left to top right.
  • Tesco glow in the dark Halloween nail polish.
  • Maybelline express finish in 150 Aqua
  • Essie polish in Bazooka.
  • Technic party brights polish in AYA NAPA.
  • NYC expert polish in Midnight Amethyst.
  • Rimmel London pro polish in Midnight Blue.
  • 2tiny rolled up tissues(for witches warts)
  • Googly movable eyes. 
  • Technic nail art pen in white.  
  From bottom left to right..
  • Nail glue.
  • Technic clear top coat.
  • La Femme beauty polish in Neon Yellow.
  • MUA polish in Koala bear.
  • Laval Crystal finish polish in Chocolate.
  • Disney nail art pens in pearly white and black.

I started with cutting False nails in zig zag type of jaggered edges.Then on the Thumbs I started with Rimmel polish as a base.Then when dry I painted a white wavy head with Disney nail pen in pearly white.once dry I then added 2 drops of nail glue for the Googly eyes and stuck them on.
Next I used the Laval crystal polish in Chocolate for the finger base.when dry I then painted a round circle with the Essie polish.I gave it a few coats then when dry I used the white nail pen for the eyes and mouth then when dry went over them with the Neon yellow using a nail art brush.then the black for the top.

For the middle finger I used the NYC polish as a base.once dry I then used the Disney nail art pen to make a web.
Then wedding ring finger I used the Rimmel polish as a base then when dry went over the nail with the Maybelline polish to give it a greenish sheen.
I used the Black nail art pen to paint a spider.then dotted to white eyes and again went over them with the Neon yellow.

For the little finger I used the Technic party brights polish in AYA NAPA.then used 1 coat of MUA polish then when dry I rolled up some tissue and dabbed it in the same polish and then some nail art glue took some loose hairs off an old paint brush and cut them to size stuck a few on the glued tissue then used a blob of glue and carefully placed the wart on the nail.I then used some more tissue all crumpled up and dabbed some black polish on it and dabbed it over the nail.Then went over the nails with clear top coat.
Here is the end result!

I hope you liked my Halloween nail art.Have fun!
Fangs for stopping by.

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