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Click n Curl review

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Sorry it's been ages since I last blogged I have been so busy lately and also unwell again but I am feeling much better and I am getting ready for the festive season so more Christmas/festive nail art to come and more reviews!

Hair & Whiskers kindly sent a great hair product called the Click n Curl full set to review recently and I jumped at the chance to give this a try!

Hair & Whiskers is a new UK based company and website specialising in the launch, sale and distribution of hair and beauty products to both men and women in the UK.

Click n Curl is the detachable round brush styling tool that allows you to achieve a salon quality blow-out at home. It’s easy to use as a conventional round brush and produces results consistent with today’s hottest hairstyle trends – body, volume and loose flowing curls. Unlike other tools that require you to dry before styling, Click n Curl allows you to dry and style all in one step. With Click n Curl, you can achieve the look you need by the time your hair is dry and cool.

3 Brush Sizes:
Large - 3 inches in diameter; best for hair at least 7 inches in length
Medium - 2 inches in diameter; best for hair at least 5.5 inches in length
Small - 1.5 inches in diameter; best for hair at least 4 inches in length
Set Includes: 6 brush barrels and one universal handle
Heat Element: Personal hair dryer – NOT included

I am in no way a hair dresser/stylist but the Click n Curl  makes styling your hair easy to do!
I received my  Click n Curl  set in a lovely black box it was packaged very well and inside the box was 3 smaller boxes containing the  Click n Curl roller set.
The quality of the brush heads was excellent and the brush handle was easy to use and click.
The nylon bristles are stiff enough to create tension when styling, soft enough to avoid tangles and long enough to hold rollers in place without clips.

I used the red brush first, this is the smallest size. I use this to create smaller curls at the nape of my neck. I put the brush under my hair and curled it under. I then wrapped my hair all the way under the brush until I reached the top, I then put full heat on the brush to set it in place and then clicked the brush handle out of my hair leaving the brush set in my hair ( like a roller )

I then carried on using the red brushes until the bottom section of my hair was finished. Then I move onto the middle section of my hair which I used the purple brush heads, this is a medium size that creates less of tight curls and more looser. I wrapped the hair around the brush, making sure I curl under and then set them in place and click the brush handle out.
When I got to the top section of my hair, I use the blue brush heads, this is the biggest to create volume and loose waves. I curled under but instead of curling my hair I flicked it under. 

This is the end result! loose flicks curls  I love how easy it is to use the Click n Curl set I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to curl there hair and save money on salon visits!
To purchase your own Click n Curl visit this LINK

I would like to thank Hair & Whiskers for sending me this wonderful product to review!

More posts coming up shortly!
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*Product was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.

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