Friday, 10 July 2015

The colours of the rainbow tag!

Hello friends
I have a fun post today called the colours of the rainbow tag!

I have seen this tag around and thought I would do mine. so here it is :)
RED : BeautyUk polish in Coral Burst.

Quick drying, long lasting, high gloss nail polish.I did a review on these polishes click HERE 

ORANGE: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm oh orange. 

I love the colours! I have mine in Oh Orange  it isn't neon-looking when you wear it.
It gave my lips a hint of colour more of a peachy tint rather than orange which I am glad about as who wants Tango lips!absolutely amazing and hydrating.

YELLOW: Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray UVB 30 150ml.

A luxurious dry oil for both hair and body. although I have not used it in my hair only my body and I must say this is the best sun spray oil I have ever used!
I am very fair skinned and I have some moles which I like to cover up using a high factor sun cream/oil and this does the trick!
I am also prone to sun allergies such as redness and prickly heat rashes so this spray really does help keep me protected and moisturized.
lovely fragrance of mandarin, kiwi, mango, jasmine, sandalwood and amber is the perfect summertime aroma.

GREEN: Moyra polish vivid sand collection in Green light.

I bought this polish a little while ago through a facebook Indie polish group. I dont think these polishes are around anymore which is a shame but I love the vibrant colours and the sand effect perfect for summer!

BLUE:  Maybelline Mascara Rocket Very Black 9.6ml.

Love this ! Makes my lashes look so much longer and thicker. Easy to apply.The brush is sturdy, the bristles catch every lash without making them clump together. It's just brilliant! Definitely recommend.

INDIGO: White Musk Smoky Rose Fragrance Mist.
This is from The Body Shop. The smell of this product is outstanding it lasts for ages and all my family and friends say how nice it is! 
Subtle, not overpowering,sweet and full of mistery great summer scent.

VIOLET: Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover 100ml.

I always use this remover. and this product is brilliant. It doesn't dry my nails it does not smell bad like other removers do either. Highly recommend; the best remover on the market!! 

MULTI-COLOUR:Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Kit.

This is great if you're on a budget or perfect for beginners a variety of colours to choose from.there are a few colors included that I'm not fond of, or don't apply as well as I'd hoped they would. That being said, the majority of the shadows housed in the palette are great!  Of course using a primer is a must as with any eyeshadow.

So that was the colours of the rainbow tag - I tag you! 
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More posts shortly!
Have a fun weekend!
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  1. What a fun TAG. I know some of the products you mentioned! Great choices! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting hun,let me know if you join in the tag! I'd love to see your choices ☺ have a lovely weekend xx

    2. Thank you so much for commenting hun,let me know if you join in the tag! I'd love to see your choices ☺ have a lovely weekend xx


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