Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nail polish Haul

Hello there friends
I have been a busy bee lately but I found the time to go shopping with my daughter Kim and on our travels I bought some polishes! hehe

I purchased some of the Spoiled polishes from TJ Hughes 
Poundshop/poundland The99p store.
The Sinful Colors is from The pound stores and the Sally Hansen polish.
The Filthy Gorgeous polishes and Jess Glitter polish all from the poundshops 
The Wet n Wild polish and the Laval polishes are from Ebay.
The new Aquarium collection from Barry M.2 polishes and the studio London nail kit is all from Superdrug.

I will have some swatches of them soon!
Just a short post today sorry guys I will be posting my Mother's Day Nail art tomorrow.
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Love and hugs 


  1. Fab polish haul hun. Can't wait to see your swatches :) xx

    1. Thanks hun I will be posting my swatches soon hehe :)xx

  2. Great haul! I picked up most of the Sugar Coat polishes from Poundworld and a few Sinful Colors from Poundland! You can get such gems in these poundshops!

    I'm still gobsmacked at Filthy Gorgeous being in Poundland. There were some nice colours!

    1. Oh I know the poundshops have some great bargains and I was shocked to see filthy Gorgeous in there myself! thanks for commenting :) xxx


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