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BenecosUK polishes review nail art

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I was kindly asked to review some new polish shades which are now available on the benecos website.
I was so pleased to be doing another review for the benecos!

benecosUk is part of the Pravera website. pravera direct is an online natural and organic beauty shop offering a huge selection of natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, perfume and soaps to pamper and care for you and your family's skin from top to toe.

Here are the new polishes I was sent to review!

  • benecos Peach Sorbet Nail Polish - is a pastel creamy peach shade.
  • benecos Mighty Orange Nail Polish - is a bright orange colour.
  • benecos Oh La La Nail Polish -  is a flashy raspberry colour
  • benecos Ice Ice Baby Nail Polish - is a gorgeous baby blue colour.
  • benecos Sparkles Nail Polish - is a lovely electric blue colour.
Benecos Nail Polish is vegan friendly, not tested on animals, long lasting, chip resistant and is free from toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony making this nail polish the best choice for your nails.
No base coat is needed when using benencos nail polish.

My thoughts
I have used benecos polishes for a while now and I must say I love them! so when I heard that there was some new fun summery shades getting released I was eager to try them out!

The polishes are very good quality goes on well very good consistency and the brush is easy to use and handle.
I found that when applying the new shades I was pleased to see I only needed 1 coat of polish really as it was that opaque.
The polish dries really quick which is another bonus for me as who wants to wait around for ages for your pretty nails to dry when you know you need the toilet hehe yes we have all been there!

Here below is some nail art and the information on how you can achieve the same nails I done using the Benecos brand polishes!

For this Summer Flowers nail art I used the benecos Mighty Orange polish as a base for all the nails except the ring finger to which I used the benecos Ice Ice baby polish as a base colour for that.
Once dry fully I then used a dotting tool but you can easily use a bobby pin head or the tip of the handle of a small eye make-up brush if you don't have any dotting tools.
I made some dots going round in a circle and carefully dragged the blobs out a little to make each petal.
For the ring finger I took the benecos Mighty Orange polish and on the nail tip corner I made some curvy downward strokes in 3 going across from end to end of the nail tip. then when dry I simply dotted some benecos Sparkles polish in the corner and some around the petals to finish it off.
Now that the other petals have dried on the Mighty Orange polished nails I then dotted some benecos Sparkles polish around the petals.I then used the benecos crystal clear top coat to finish this manicure and seal it.

Next is a simple Ombre gradient effect nail art.great for the summer time.
I used a make-up sponge all I did to create this is start with a base coat I used the benecos Sandstorm then I paint 3 stripes across the sponge first at the top I used benecos Sandstorm then benecos Peach Melba polish middle then benecos Mighty Orange across the bottom then you dab the sponge across each nail and repeat the step by applying a few coats on to the sponge and nail I applied about 4 coats.when almost dry then I used the benecos Crystal clear top coat to blend the shades together more and smooth it out.
The ring finger I added a few dots using the benecos Oh lala polish with the dotting tool.simple all done!

This is the last design which is my favorite out the 3!
My Tropical Sunset nail art.
This looks difficult to do but it is actually not that hard.
I did the same effect as the Ombre/gradient nail art using a make-up sponge I started with the benecos Sandstorm as a base coat then I painted across the sponge at the top benecos Oh lala polish then middle benecos Mighty Orange then bottom benecos Ice Ice baby.
I repeated this step and gave about 4 coats.then I blended the 3 shades using the benecos Crystal clear top coat.
Once dry I then took my small nail art brush and started to make Palm tree shapes you could use a nail art stencil plate or stamping plate that has Palm trees on but I did this freehand using the benecos Pepper Green polish.
When I was happy with the shaded trees I then sealed it all with the benecos Crystal clear top coat.

Thanks again to Ingrid for sending me the polishes for review and nail art!
I hope you all enjoyed this post!
I have more posts coming up soon!
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Have a great day!

*Products was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Great post hun and beautiful polishes :) x

    1. Thanks Tracey hun for commenting! the polishes are lovely and bright great for summer manis :) xx

  2. Wonderful designs and very nice collection of polishes :)- great job Dawn!

    1. That's really nice of you to say thanks hun for commenting :) xxx

  3. The polishes look gorgeous, it's amazing that you only really need one coat, it's so good when you find nail polishes like that! I love your designs too, esp the palm trees! x

    1. Thank you Emily you are so kind :) I like it too when I find polishes that don't need a lot of coats :)xxx

  4. Lovely nail designs and some great polishes :-)

  5. Lovely gradient and nail art ! Those colors works so great together :)

  6. Thank you for your kind comment :) I agree the colours do work well :) xx


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