Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review: China Blue Water Decals

Hi my lovely friends.
I have a review post for you today.
I was kindly sent some China Blue Water Decals from Sparkly-nails store.

The water decals are easy to use and fun!
How to apply
1. Paint nail and allow to dry
2. Trim around sticker using scissors, remove the clear film and plunge into water for approx 15 seconds
3. Slide decal off the backing paper and place onto nail
4. Dab nail/decal with paper towel and allow to dry
5. Seal in with a layer of top coat 

Items I used for this manicure.
  • Nicole by O.P.I polish in A Lit-Teal-Bit of love.
  • INM out the door top coat.
  • NYC polish in Blue Sky.
  • Laval polish in Pastel Mint.
  • NYC polish in Pinstripe White.
  • Make-up sponge.
  • Tweezers.
  • Sparkly-Nails China Blue Water Decals.
I started with a base coat then I applied the White polish and the Pastel mint polish to the Make-up sponge in 2 stripes.
I then dabbed the sponge on each nail and I repeated this step about 3 times and applied a top coat.
I then painted the ring finger with the O.P.I polish and did about 2 coats for this.
Once the gradient effect had dried fully I then placed the cut out nail decals in the water one at a time and placed them onto the nails randomly using the tweezers, applied another top coat to seal it all and it is finished.

This is a simple way of creating some pretty nail art!

I hope you liked this review/manicure!
A nice big thank you to Sparkly-nails for sending me another great item to review!
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Have a great day!


*Products was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. These decals are pretty - your nails look awesome :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment hun :) xxx


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