Sunday, 11 May 2014

Birthday Owl nails For Scarlett!

Hi friends
It is a very special day on the 15th May for a very special girl! Happy 8th Birthday to Scarlet! Have a lovely fun birthday sweety!

As it is your birthday I done done a nail art especially for you Scarlet :-)
I heard from your lovely Mum that you like Owls? so I decided to do some cute fun bright owls just for you!

Here is a long list of all the polishes and items I used for this nail art.
  • Holographic birthday party stickers.
  • Acrylic paint in Black.
  • Nail art Brush small.
  • Dotting tools.
  • Benecos polish in Ice Ice Baby (review coming up)
  • Benecos polish in Sparkles.
  • Saffron glitter topper.
  • Beauty UK Grit fix polish in Banksy.
  • China Glaze polish in Neon & on & on.
  • Sinful Colors polish in Pink Glitter.
  • Constance Carroll polish in Pastel Purple.
  • W7 polish in Fluorescent Pink.
  • Jess polish in French White.
  • La femme polish in Neon Yellow.
  • Laval polish in Ultra Orange.
  • Spoiled polish in Vitamin C.
  • Laval polish in Chocolate Ice.
  • W7 polish in It's Pink.
  • Laval polish in Ultra Green.
  • Glitter top coat (no name)

I used the Benecos polish in Ice Ice Baby ( pastel blue) on the thumb and middle and little finger as a base and on the pointer and ring finger I used the Benecos Sparkles polish (a electric blue) 
For the thumb I then used the China glaze for the owls head, on the body the Pastel purple polish and for his feet and beak I used the beauty UK polish.I used the W7 Fluorescent pink for the wing and then the sinful colors pink glitter over it.
(I used the same beauty uk polish for all the beaks and feet.)

Eyes I used the Jess white and a dotting tool then the Neon yellow and then black Acrylic paint to dot the middle and to out-line the Owl and the feathers on the chest.

The pointer finger I used the Laval Ultra orange then the Spoiled polish over it did the eyes same as thumb and feet also. but used the Laval Chocolate for the branch.and the ultra green for the leaves.I outlined with the acrylic paint.

Middle finger I stuck on the holo stickers one a balloon and a gift then I painted a light coat of the Saffron glitter.

Ring finger I used the W7 it's pink for the body and did the same step as the thumb and other fingers for the eyes and feet.

Little finger I used the ultra green for the body and did same steps for eyes and feet. and outlined each Owl with paint. went over some nails with a glitter topper.

Was a simple fun nail art to do.I hope you liked this nail art as much as I do hehe.

This was For Scarlett! hosted by her lovely Mum Sam at FingerFood's Theme Buffet.
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More posts shortly please check the other fabulous nail art below.


  1. Oh wow that is so good :-) The owls are just so cute!

    1. Thanks hun for you lovely comment xxx

  2. That's incredible! Those owls are amazing, love this mani :) xx

    1. You are so kind Thanks Emily xxx :)

  3. These owls are just the cutest Dawn! I'm sure Scarlett adores them :)

    1. Thanks I tried to make them as cute and fun as I could hehe thanks hun for commenting :) xxxx


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