Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Angels at your fingertips!

Hello friends

I had a lovely weekend celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary with my husband Ste on Sunday 27th July gosh the year's seem to fly by.

I have a special post for you today one that is close to my heart,Do you believe in angels? I sure do! and today's manicure is all about angels!

I was inspired to re-create these angels and was given permission to do so by a lovely lady called Alison Knox whom I met a few years back in the Mind Body& Soul festival in Manchester.
Alison is an amazing talented artist who created these beautiful angelic pieces of artwork.
Here is my water colour angel Alison kindly gave to me at the festival.

In Alison's own words..The angels speak for themselves through my paintings. They touch the soul at a deeply profound level and are “experienced” rather than simply “seen”. Of course, the visual images are beautiful, breathtaking even, but the true impact of their presence is felt once a relationship has been established.
The angels have many gifts to deliver, it is not for me to know or reveal what those are. There exists a precious bond between angel and human where such things are shared, when the moment is perfect.
Often I am asked “What will the angels do for me then?” The truthful answer is “ I don’t know”. . . that is between you and your angel.

You can check out Alison's web site “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS by clicking HERE

I have tried my best to re-create some of Alison's beautiful angel paintings but I must say it was very difficult to miniature them on such a small scale and I thought I would challenge myself by using nail polishes instead of Watercolours or Acrylic paints.
Here is a picture of all the colours/polishes and items I used to create my angels at my fingertips!

 Here is Alison's Angel paintings I chosen to re-create.

From left to right 10. Golden Hope 26. Divine Rainbow 28. The Infinite Gateway (2 angel paintings are from the various collection on Alison's web site)

I loved re-creating these beautiful angels on my nails! the angelic energy while I was painting them was very soothing and calm and healing.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my nailart today and please do take a look at Alison's wonderful artwork on her website “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS you will be amazed by her talent!

A huge thanks to Alison again for giving me permission to re-create her angel artwork on my nails.

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Love and Angel hugs



  1. Congrats Dawn - hope you had a great time!

    This nail art is amazing! These nails look wonderful - love it :-)

    1. Thanks hun we had a lovely time and I was surprised with a pair of beautiful white gold and blue topaz earrings!
      I am glad you love the angels nailart thanks for your wonderful comment :) xx

  2. Happy Anniversary Dawn, gorgeous nail art x

  3. Oh wow, so magical! Great paintings and your recreations are beautiful, you definitely did them justice :) hope you had a wonderful anniversary too :) xx

    1. We had a lovely anniversary thanks hun :) and thank you for your lovely comment :) xx


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