Sunday, 20 July 2014

My new Holographic Helmer!

Hello friends

I recently took a visit to Ikea and bought myself a Helmer for all my lil pretty polishes.

Now I know they can come in a few colours so I chosen the White and thought I would copy what some other nail bloggers are doing with there Helmers by using self adhesive plastic to cover it.
I took another trip in to town to Wilkos and bought 2 rolls of  Holograph Deco Self-Adhesive Film Silver Effect at £5 each.

While I was trying to un pack the helmer I had a little inspection from my 2 cats to make sure everything was there and in order :D

I will say that it takes time and sometimes 2 people to stick the film over the helmer pieces, I found doing this before you build the helmer much easier.
I covered the 2 sides the top and the front/drawers and I had a little piece left over but you do need the 2 rolls.
I also found using some PVA glue helps to stick it down on corners etc where the sticky back isn't sticky enough helps.  
I also bought some decorating crystals in Blue and Pink and glued them onto the top edge of my helmer.

Here is my finished result!
I absolutely love it! what do you think? do you like it too?
Let me know if you have done the same or re vamped your helmer somehow I would love to see.
More posts coming up!
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  1. Dawn- that is AMAZING! I can't get over how well it turned out! That is crazy impressive. Enjoy your awesome new helmer!

    1. Thanks hun I was amazed how well it turned out myself hehe I am glad it wasn't a disaster :D I have already put my little pretties inside there new home love it! thanks for commenting xxx

  2. This is awesome Dawn! I love it! Holo Helmers it's the way forward I tell ya :-)

    I've always bought the red ones. And my husband has always built them for me with a little help from our 3 cats ;-)

    1. hehe I had a little help from my hubby too! and my 2 cats hehe but I agree the holo helmers seem to be very popular these days :) thanks for commenting xxx

  3. Awesome!!!! I think this is the prettiest Helmer I've seen yet!!

    1. awh thank you so much for your kind comment :) xx


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