Saturday, 6 September 2014

Rose nailart.

Hi friends

Sorry I have not posted this week I have been unwell again but I am now feeling much better and wanted to post this nailart I did.
I thought I would do a bold rose flower outlined in black as I have seen this pattern on  a cushion cover.

Items used are pictured below.

  • Beautyuk polishes in White out. and in Coral burst.
  • Barry M paint polish in Diamond glitter.
  • marker pens in black and green.
  • Beautyuk 5in1 base and top coat (not pictured)

I started with the White out polish as a base on all the nails. then I took the marker pen in black and hand drawn the roses/petals/stems I then filled in the green parts using the marker and then I went over the roses with the coral burst polish. when dry I went back over the black to make it stand out more I used the glitter polish on the middle finger and little finger.gave it all a top coat and all done.
I am not sure if I actually like this mani now hehe but here it is anyway :)

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Have a great weekend! more posts coming up shortly

Bye for now.


  1. this amazing design, I love your roses :)
    I hope you are feeling better and better Dawn :)

    1. Thanks hun I am feeling much better thanks xx :)

  2. Oh wow these are pretty roses! I like them. :-)

    Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

    1. I am feeling much better now thanks hun I am glad you like the roses thanks for your comment :) hugs xx


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<3 Dawn<3

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