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TarasTalons new collections nailart/swatches

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I hope you all had a good week.
I am very excited to announce Tara's Talons is re-opening on Sunday 21 September at 12:01 am GMT.
I have a amazing discount code for you, use the code 'BACK50' for the first 24 hours to get a fabulous 50% off!

TarasTalons opened in April 2013 and is the UK’s first established handmade nail polish brand!
Most of TarasTalons polishes are one off, limited edition or custom.
Here’s Tara's links!
Etsy shop
User name is tarastalonspolish

Tara has 4 new collections for you to get your hands on!.
I was kindly sent 4 polishes 2 from the  Return of the Randoms collection . and 2 from the Halloween Scream collection is based on the Scream film 10ml/5ml .

  • Hazy- Return of the Randoms collection.
  • Pink sky- Return of the Randoms collection.
  • Be right back- Halloween Scream collection.
  • Not in my movie- Halloween Scream collection.
  • Nailart decals.
The first mani is from the Return of the Randoms collection!

I decided to do a simple blossom tree along side the 2 pretty polishes.

  • TarasTalons in Sugary sweet.
  • TarasTalons in Tiger Lily.
  • Hazy- Return of the Randoms collection
  • Pink sky- Return of the Randoms collection
  • beautyuk polishes in Black out and White out.
  • Dotting tool.
with flash

The first thing I done was start with a base coat so I used the Sugary sweet polish on the pointer finger and ring and little finger. and the Tiger lily polish on the thumb and middle finger.
I then used the Black polish with a nailart brush and painted the branches I took the Sugary sweet and used the dotting tool make the blossom flowers over the branches then dotted some black for the centre of the flowers.

I then painted over the pointer finger and little finger using Hazy a pretty matte topcoat with speckles and lovely glittery sparkles!
This would look great over any polishes. I chosen the pink shade and gave the pointer 2 coats the little finger I gave it 3 coats.the polish dries super fast so you have to work quick. I then dabbed a little on the nail tip on the middle finger.I love the fact it is a matte top coat with sparkles!

The ring finger I used the Pink sky polish is a gorgeous pretty girly pink of starry glitter and sparkles!this has a slight matte effect and is super fast drying I gave it 2 coats also.I dabbed some also on the thumb nail tip. as you can see the polish has a pink shade to it.just gorgeous!

Last up is one of my favs the Scream collection nailart!!
So for this collection I decided to go with the theme and do the Scream face mask from the hit movie!

Here is the list of items I used.
  • B&M neon polish in Blue.
  • Red nailart pen.
  • Not in my movie- Halloween Scream collection.
  • Be right back- Halloween Scream collection.
  • Acrylic paints in black and white.
  • Small nailart brush (not pictured)

I started by using the B&M polish as a base on the thumb and pointer and little finger.
I then went over the fingers using the Not in my movie- Halloween Scream collection. it is a wonderful sheer Royal blue shade with gorgeous sparkles! I gave it 2 coats of polish and I found this polish to dry fast also which is a bonus!
On the middle and ring finger I painted the nails using the Be right back- Halloween Scream a matte mushy pea green polish with speckles of glitter. dried fast also and I gave it 2 coats.
I then did a few bloody stripes across the middle finger nail using the Red nailart pen.
The thumb I freehand painted the mask/face using Acrylic paints in black and white.

All of Tara's polishes I have found to be of a high standard of quality that you would get from the high street but these are handmade and excellent value for money!
So do not forget to use the discount code 'BACK50' for the first 24 hours to get a fabulous 50% off! 
You can also use my blogger code to get 15% off any order if you miss the first 24hrs. Just enter SassyLittleNails at the checkout! 

A huge welcome back Tara! and thanks for sending me the polishes for review. :-)
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More posts coming up! thanks for reading have a lovely weekend!



  1. I love your design very much Dawn :) The Scream face mask is awesome!

    1. That is real nice of you to say thanks hun :)

  2. Great designs! Awesome :-D

  3. Both manis are awesome. Love free hand mask too

    1. Thank you so much Anita that is so kind of you :) xx

  4. That mask! It's amazing.
    Pink Sky looks delicious x

    1. Awh thank you very much for your lovely comment :) xx


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