Monday, 14 October 2013

Mirror Rorrim Nail art

Hey lovely friends how are you doing?good I hope.Its my BIRTHDAY today! yay another year older but I am happy :)
I thought I would share my latest nail art with you called Mirror Rorrim reason being is because I used bits of cut out foil reminds me of a mirror. anyways here is what I used for this very simple nail art.

NYC clear top coat. Rimmel pro polish in Midnight Voge. W7 glitter in blue. scissors. piece of tin foil.

I started with using the Rimmel pro polish as a base on the nails.I then used some of the Blue glitter on the nails. Then I cut out very tiny pieces of foil on a tissue.Once the polish was dry I then used the NYC clear top coat while wet I then used a orange stick to pick up the tiny pieces and started to place them randomly on the thumb nail.then did the same on the other nails.

I covered the whole nail on the wedding finger nail.

And here is the finished look :)
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  1. Your nails are divine! I can't believe you just used foil, it looks like little gems. V. cleaver :D I love this look and will have to try it myself. Keep up the fab blog.

    Wendy |


  2. Thanks for you kind comments Wendy :) I no it looks good for foil hehe you must give it a go its a easy look to do :) xxx

  3. the combination of dark shades and gold is always a good idea!

    1. thanks for commenting Tamit :)


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