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The Sparkle Queen: #HePicksMyPolish October Challenge

Hi Everyone hope you all well.I thought I would share this nail challenge with you.
The Sparkle Queen: #HePicksMyPolish October Challenge: We are at it again! We had such a fun time with the September #HePicksMyPolish challenge that we thought we would do another round in October.

Same rules apply:

I thought I would ask my Husband Ste to pick 3 polishes for me without any influence from me at all!
He was drawn to 3 Glittery polishes lucky me!! lol and 1 Metallic Polish!

Here is Ste's choice of Nail Polishes he chosen for me.(with an added,was a clear glitter Polish W7).
From left to right..2True pro sequins glitter Polish in Elle. 2True pro glitter sequins Polish in Tyra. W7 Nail glitter in Cosmic Green. Barry M Nail Polish Foil effects. 

I started with the Thumbs and thought I would do tri-accent nail design using the Barry M silver as a base then tape to make the triangles for the 2true glitters in Tyra and Elle.

I then used the Barry M silver as a base for the 2 fingers.1st finger I used tape again across the finger using the 2True Elle glitter.Then I did 3 dots using the Barry M.Then then nail tip I used the W7 glitter in Cosmic Green.
The middle finger I used  2True glitter Elle polish 3 strokes going slightly lower than the last.Repeated this process again using the 2True glitter in Tyra.

I then painted the wedding finger nail with the 2True glitter in Elle.Then I did a wavy line in Barry M silver.Then did a drop of the W7 glitter.
The Little finger was a simple half n half,2True glitter in Tyra and then Barry M silver.

Here is the finished look!
Hope you like this mani and Ste's choice in polishes for this mani :)
More posts coming up shortly!
Have a good week!


  1. Oh you lucky lady! You got some GORGEOUS colors to work with. I think the middle and ring fingers are my top faves for these looks. Love what you did with yours :) xo

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment.I agree they are pretty colours to work with.I'm so glad you like what I did! the middle and ring fingers are my favs too :)xxx

  2. these are awesome colors and design looks cool , good for a party :) I hope to se this on your nails too :)

    1. thanks for your lovely comment :) I will be back to doing some nail art on my own nails very soon as they need to grow and be in better shape they are getting there though :)

  3. I couldn't understand clearly from the first pictures, but the last one shows the nails better... and it's a great nail art!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment.I have invested in a good camera now so no blurry mobile pics yay! :D

  4. Replies
    1. thanks for your lovely comment :)


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