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Moyou London Plate review

Hiya dear Friends hows things?
I was sent 2 nail art stamping plates with stamper and scraper to review by Moyou London

MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate Rockstar Collection 07
MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate The Artist Collection

I could not believe the fantastic quality of these plates! I have never tried nail art stamping before so thought I would give it ago. for this mani I used Plate Rockstar Collection 07 and the star chosen to stamp is Will.i.am(4th one down on the left)

Here is a list of items used for the mani.(All items shown apart from the two 2True polishes in this picture was purchased by me)from left to right..Barry M paint in Foil Effect 308. Barry M Gelly in Blueberry. 2True Pro Salon Shine in tangerine Mila. 2True pro sequins in Tyra. Saffron London colour 04. Technic in jet black. Sinful colors in snow me white. Technic clear top coat. Rhinestones gold.Technic nail art pens in white and black.


I painted the nail white then used the stamp and applied the rhinestones painted the gold glitter on the nail tip used a nail green tape over the nail tip(forgot to add this tape in the photo)
Not to bad for my very first time stamping nails hehe although I had a bit of bother trying to find the right nail polish to use.but another nail art blogger suggested to me to use an opaque black.to which I did and it worked yay!

Moyou description of the plate...
Every nail art stencil includes 32 different designs.
The Rockstar ★ Collection is all about Someone who can stay up and party all night long and then wake up and take care of business in the morning > We like rockstars ★
Each Plate is made of stainless steel with a plastic base.
The designs are engraved on the image plates. The nail art designs can be applied by nail polish, stamp & scraper. 

For me the plates was very easy to use with the stamper and scraper that came along with them.very detailed and strong made.easy to wipe clean.I am very impressed with the engraved designs not just with the 2 plates I received but looking online at the Moyou web site I really love the different choices of plates you can have! well worth a look you are sure to find a plate of your liking.There is something for everyone.

I used the blueberry polish for the nail base on the left then added my own hand drawn headphones in red.
I then used the orange 2true polish as a base for the nail on the right and created Will.i.am's Logo Brand.I used a white nail art pen for this.

And then I decided to do some simple music notes using black nail art pen and the foil effect polish as the base on the left nail.
On the right I used a black base polish then used the Saffron glitter over it.

This is the finished look! in the words of Will.i.am I hope this is Dope! 

I would like to mention Moyou London also has a new collection out called Mother Nature Collection!
This collection is dedicated to the lovely Joey Helland, a customer who once upon a time wrote an email to Moyou London suggesting this collection idea.I think this is a great way to encourage more creative minds so why not send Moyou your ideas.

You can check out the Mother Nature collection by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Moyou london nail art rockstar plate Will.i.am nail art.I was very pleased with the professional friendly service and communication from Moyou London.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Moyou London for there kindness and support and for the products sent for review.

I will be doing an Egyptian theme nail art shortly with the other plate I received.
I am sure I will be stamping more from now on its such fun and easy to do everyone should give it a try :)
Bye for now.

*These2 plates were sent to me for review


  1. looks good Dawn, I bought the Konad one from amazon, didn't have a clue how to use it despite reading the instructions, hence it didn't work, I don't know what I was doing wrong etc but now I feel Ive wasted my money, so its been out away.

  2. Hi Carol thanks for your reply :) I think my issue was the polish and not the stamp kit lol once I found the right polish it finally worked! maybe try different polishes see if it works its trial and error really.xx

  3. I did use the ones that came with the stampers, blue, red and white might try my own black and see what happens x

  4. Wow! I love the Egyptian themed plate - how cool that it's just one big design and you pick bits from it that you like!

    1. thanks for your reply Rachel :) Yes I love the Egyptian theme I am going to be doing the nail art for that plate very soon.The Moyou plates are very detailed.:)

  5. Oh wow these look amazing - I've always wanted to try stamping on my nails, I love the Will.I.Am!!!!

    1. thanks for your kind comment Gemma x you should give it a try stamping is fun to do :) xx


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