Sunday, 1 December 2013

8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge! Day 1.

Hi Everyone

I am taking part in 2 festive nail art challenges and one of them is The 8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge Its open to anyone and everyone who wants to join in :) Even if you can only do some of the themes and days, you are all welcome to participate if you want to, the more the merrier!!

The first nail art challenge is Snowfakes.

Here is a list of items used for this mani.

  • Calvin Klein Glitter polish in Hallucinate.
  • Disney Nail art pen in pearl/white.
  • Maybelline Forever strong in Ceramic Blue.
  • Barry M Gelly polish in Blueberry.
  • 17 Last finish polish in Navy blue.
  • Crystal Nails 2 in 1 base & top coat.
  • Technic Nail art pen in white.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Make up sponge.

 I did a Ombre/gradient effect using a make up sponge dabbing on each nail using the 17 polish at the top of the nails then the Barry M Gelly polish in the middle of the nails and then the Maybelline polish at the nail tips.

I then painted some snowflake patterns on each nail except the ring finger I used the dotting tool and did various dots as snow.
I then used the CK polish to go over the snowflakes and the ring finger applied a top coat and its complete :)

I hope you enjoyed my Snowflakes Nail art :)
More festive Nail art coming up shortly.
Festive hugs xx


  1. Wow Dawn, these are so wonderful! Can't wait to see what other designs you come up with for Christmas this year!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) I tried to be as neat as I could with the snowflakes lol but the nail art pen was a little tricky as you have to squeeze the tube for some polish to come out of the nib.but anyways I am enjoying these challenges they are fun :) <3 xxx

  2. :) I love these. I couldn't get on with nail art pens, but you've done a great job xx

    1. aww thanks Tracey for your sweet comment.I am still trying to get on with the nail pens lol but I think I get on better with a paint brush more as I am more comfortable with them.:)xx


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