Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The 12 Days of Xmas Challenge! Day 6.

Festive Greetings to you all! 
I hope your week is going well. Christmas is such a magical time of year and I do love the Tree the decorations and of course being with loved ones giving and receiving lovely gifts.
Today challenge is all about Christmas decorations!this challenge is hosted by Nail Art Novice.

I decided to do my version of Christmas Baubles.

Here is a list of items used.
  • 2True Glossywear shade No 53.
  • Laval Glitter in Glitter Dazzle.
  • Hardy Candy in Fabuluxe.
  • Disney nail art pens in Red Green Blue Black Pearl White.
  • 2True Sequins polish in Tyra.
  • 2True Metallica polish in Aglala.
  • Rimmel Lasting polish in Block your Green.
  • Technic Nail art pens in Gold Silver White.
  • 2True Gliteratti Nail polish in shade 4 and shade 6.
  • Gold by Giles (not in pic) Silver glitter polish.
  • Various beads/rhinestones and sequins.
sorry pic doesn't do the nails justice had trouble with my new camera it wasn't playing nice :(

 I started with a Base colour on the thumb using 2True Aglala polish it is a lovely metallic green colour.I used this as a base also on the middle finger.
The thumb I then used the Blue nail art pen and painted a round shape.
I did the same using the Pearl white nail pen on the side of the thumb.once dry I then placed some random Rhinestones and beads.I used some Red glitter for the tiny bauble on the side of the thumb.

The first finger I used the rimmel polish as a base and did the same for the little finger.I used the red nail art pen 
and painted a red circle on the side of the finger I then used the hard candy polish and did a circle on the corner nail tip.then on the over side of the nail I used the silver nail art pen to do a circle and once dry I used the sparkly Gold by Giles Glitter polish.

The middle finger I painted a half circle on the nail tip using the green nail art pen then placed some green shiny sequins on.
I did a star in the corner and painted it with the silver nail art pen and then went over it with the Laval glitter.
On the other side of the nail I painted a long shape Bauble using the red nail pen then I placed some sequin stars down the middle and some red beads. 

The ring finger I used the 2true polish it is a wine deep red shade with sparkles of gold I used that as a base coat then I painted 2 circles using the gold nail art pen I then used the 2True glitter polish on one of the circles and I used sequins on the other circle.
I used some 2true pink glitter on the nail tip circle done a few silver stripes as bauble strings.

The little finger I used the white nail art pen and did a circle filled it in using a tiny nail brush and dabbed some 2true glitter polish in the middle then I used some green glitter for the bottom of the nail tip.used on each nail the black marker pen as string for the baubles.
Applied a NYC clear top coat.

Back soon with more posts!
Have a nice day


  1. These look awesome, so festive!

  2. Great design! It's so festive and detailed! :)

    1. Thanks for the kind comment :) xx

  3. This is so great! I think the middle finger design is my favorite. Whenever I use a ton of nail polishes, I feel like I have to stop and catch my breath while I'm listing them off! LOL. :P

  4. Beautiful! I love the detail on these :)

    1. Thank you kindly Sam hugs :) xx

  5. wow, it is fantastic mani! So shiny, so pretty!

    1. I appreciate your lovely comment thank you :) xx


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