Thursday, 5 December 2013

The 12 Days of Xmas Challenge Day 3

Hey all :) 
For those of you that don't know I am taking part in 2 Christmas nail art challenges this month and this is Day 2 of The 12 Days of Xmas Challenge Day Hosted by Nail Art Novice.

Today is Day 3 Christmas Food.

Here is the items I used for this Nail art.

From left to right.
  • 17 Last finish polish in Peacock.
  • 2True glossywear glitter in shade No.2.
  • 2True shine pro polish in tangerine Mila
  • Saffron polish in Colour shade 22.
  • Revlon polish in Runaway pearl.
  • Revlon polish in Hot Chocolate.
  • W7 glitter polish in Cosmic green. 
  • Bad Apple polish in Red delicious.
  • Saffron glitter polish in Colour 04.
  • Benecos polish in Pepper green.
  • Technic nail art pens in White & Silver.

The thumb is a Christmas Turkey. I used the Saffron polish for the turkey colour and for the tray I used the Nail art silver pen.
I then used the Bad apple polish carefully painted around the turkey. outlined some of the design with a black nail art pen.finished with applying the Saffron glitter polish.

For the first finger Christmas Pudding I used the 17 polish half way on the nail then I used the Revlon polish in hot chocolate half way on the nail tip.went over it once dried with the White nail art pen to make the icing.used the bad apple polish and dotting tool to make the holly and the benecos polish for the leaves.
Applied the 2True glitter polish over the blue 17 polish.

Middle finger Christmas Chocolate log as a base I used the Revlon runaway pearl then I used the Revlon hot chocolate polish and dabbed the White nail art pen as icing on top.and a swirl in the middle of the log. painted the small holly used a yellow nail art pen for the log pate (forgot to add it in picture) applied the 2true glitter polish.

Ringer finger Gingerbread Man I used the saffron polish I used for the turkey as a base I used the Revlon hot chocolate to make his shape used a dotting tool with the white nail art pen.and dotted his buttons :)

Little finger Christmas reindeer Carrot I used the 2true pro polish and the Revlon as a base used my dotting tool and did some faint lines on the carrot.painted the carrot top using the benecos polish applied the saffron glitter and all done :)

I hope you liked my Christmas Food theme nail art.

back shortly with more Nail art :)

Festive hugs


  1. Mmmm, this looks like a proper Christmas feast! Fab =)

  2. Beautiful as always Dawn! All these fabulous food manis are making me soooooo hungry! :) xx

    1. hehe thanks Sam I do love some chocolate log at Christmas :D xx

  3. I love it! You have so much Christmas food represented that it's making me hungry.

    1. hehe thanks :D I do love Christmas food I was making myself hungry when doing this mani lol xxx

  4. I love that you've done something different on each nail. Great job!

    1. thanks Ann for your kind comment :) xxx

  5. All this food is making me extremely hungry - especially your turkey! :)

    1. hehe I know! thanks for commenting :) xx


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