Sunday, 8 December 2013

8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge! Day 3

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Today I am posting my Nail art for : 8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge! Day 3. Hosted by bitenomore

 Day 3 Presents/Gift wrap.

 Here is the list of items used for my Nail art.
  • Clear Technic top coat.
  • 2True sequins pro polish in Tyra.
  • 2True sequins pro polish in Elle.
  • 2True Glossywear polish in shade No 53.
  • Barry M Foil effects polish in Silver.
  • Barry M Gelly polish in Greenberry.
  • W7 Glitter polish in Multi dazzle.
  • W7 Glitter polish in Cosmic Green.
  • W7 polish in Galactic Violet.
  • Calvin Klein polish in Hallucinate.
  • Pot of glitter(various Autumn colours).
  • Disney Nail art pens in Black. Red. Pearl White. Pink.

The Thumb I used the 2true polish shade 53 as a base the shade is a dark wine red colour.I then painted a square using the clear polish I then carefully applied the Glitter from the pot using a thin nail brush dabbing in the centre.I waited for it to set then I painted a Gold line using the 2True Tyra polish with a small nail art brush and painted a bow shape on the top. once dry I then outlined the gift using the black nail art pen.

The First finger I used the Barry M Silver polish as a base then I applied the CK polish over to add sparkle.I then painted a bow using the White nail art pen.

Middle Finger I used the W7 violet polish as a base then I used some sparkly CK glitter polish for a ribbon and then I stuck on a small blue bow.

Ring finger I used the Barry M greenberry polish as a base I then applied the W7 Cosmic green polish over the nail. then I painted a bow using the red nail art pen and outlined it alittle using the black pen.

Little finger I used the 2True polish in Elle as a base then I painted a pink bow using the pink nail art pen all done!

Thanks for checking out my Gifts nail art for this challenge more coming up soon!
Have fun :)


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