Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve Party nails!

Hi party people!! 
Happy New Year to you all.

I really wanted to do some Dazzling party Glittery nails using one of many polishes I got as a gift from my fabulous Daughter Kim :) Which is pictured below far right the Barry M Glitter polish limited edition E334.I absolutely love this Glitter polish!

List of items used.
  • Technic Clear polish.
  • Laval polish in White.
  • Technic polish in Black.
  • W7 polish in Baby Pink.
  • Barry M Glitter polish limited edition in E334.
  • Various colour rhinestones.

I used the White polish as a base coat then I used the Baby Pink on each nail except the ring finger.
I then used the black polish and swept across the middle finger in a tick like shape curve.then I went down half of the little finger with the black polish.
The thumb I painted a curve shape using the Barry M glitter then did the same over the black polish on the middle/ring/little fingers.
I then placed pink and silver rhinestones across the thumb and first finger and down the little finger with the clear top coat.


That's my Party look nails hope you like them! 
Happiness is a state of mind... decide to be happy this 2014!
Make 2014 your best year ever! Happy New Year to all my Family and friends :)


  1. Oh I love how each nail is it's own sparkly look! I hope these are the ones your share in the Best Of: Nail Art link party this week, I think these are just gorgeous!

    1. oooh yes hehe I will share them :D I like sparkly nails too :) Cheers for the lovely kind comment hugs xxxx :)

  2. These are truly lovely. Great job! If I'd known that BarryM LE glitter could look that good, I'd have picked it up already. :)

    1. thanks for your comment :) awh you should try get a hold of it honestly it is so pretty :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Valerie for your kind comment :) xxx

  4. Beautiful!! I especially love the dark glitter polish!!

  5. Awh thanks Dionne :) I love the glitter over the dark polish too xxxx


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