Friday, 20 December 2013

8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge! Day 6.

Hi Everyone
I have another Nail art challenge post for you today as I am a little behind with them but that's no problem I will post them out when I can :)

This is the 8 Days Christmas Nails Challenge! Hosted by the wonderful bitenomore.Day 6 Christmas Trees!!!!

Here is the list of items I used for my Christmas trees mani. 
  • Crystal Nails 2 in 1 Base and top coat.
  • Benecos polish in Pepper Green.
  • Calvin Klein glitter polish in Hallucinate.
  • W7 polish in Pillar box Red.
  • Laval polish in White.
  • 2True Metallica polish in Aglaia.
  • 2True pro Sequins polish in Tyra.
  • W7 Glitter polish in Cosmic Green.
  • Saffron polish in shade 15.
  • Revlon polish in Mistletoe.
  • L&B Glitter polish in Silver.
  • Gold by Giles glitter polish in Silver.
  • Disney Nail art pens in Pearl White. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Pink.
  • Various Wheels of sequins and Beads pearls/Rhinestones.


I used the White as a base for the thumb and first and little finger.
Red for the middle finger and 2True Metallica polish on the ring finger.
The thumb I painted a tree using the Revlon Mistletoe polish then I placed various beads/pearls/rhinestones on the tree.
First finger I used the Saffron polish to paint the tree shape then I used the Nail art pens to do various dots around the tree. added a sequin star for the tree top.
Middle finger I used the 2True Tyra polish for the tree shape then I used the nail art pearl/white pen to make the tree decoration.placed another star on top.
Painted the ring finger using the 2True metallica polish for tree shape then went over it with the Cosmic Green glitter.placed various beads sequins on.
Little finger I used the Benecos polish for the tree shape used the silver glitters for decorations.the Nail art pen to dot around the tree.

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                                               More posts coming up shortly.


  1. Oh wow, these are fab. Love the green tree (index finger).

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :) xx

  2. These look fun, love the ring finger"

    1. Thanks hun for the comment Merry Christmas! :) xx


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