Thursday, 2 January 2014

Galaxy nails!

Hello my lovelies :)
A very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a good one and that 2014 will be your best year ever!

I have a new mani for you today one I've never tried before and wanted to give it ago.
I wanted to try my hand at creating a Galaxy on my nails using the sponging effect and dotting tool along with various polishes.
I have seen lots of nail artists bloggers doing this sort of mani and I like the look.
I did find this a little challenging and not as easy as it seems as I wanted to try different looks and clouds of gases and solar systems but I finally did it and here is my version below.

List of polishes used to create the Galactic universe.
  • Calvin Klien glitter polish in Hallucinate.
  • Wet n Wild polish in French manicure white.
  • Rimmel polish in Midnight Blue.
  • Nicole O.P.I in A lit-Teal bit of love.
  • Technic polish in Black.
  • W7 polish in Baby Pink.
  • Revlon polish in Runway Pearl.
  • George ASDA polish in Ultraviolet.
  • W7 glitter polish in Galactic violet.
  • Maybelline polish in Ceramic Blue.
  • Saffron Glitter polish in 04.
  • Color club polish in London calling.
  • Rimmel metal rush polish colour changing.
  • 17 polish in Peacock.
  • Make-up sponge.
  • Dotting tool.
I used the Technic polish in black as a base on the thumb and middle finger and the Rimmel midnight blue polish as a base on the other fingers.
I then dabbed various polishes with a make up sponge starting with the White then blues and other shades then used the dotting tool for stars.and the glitter for distant stars.

I thought I would google some pictures to get inspiration from to do my Galaxy nails.I added a shooting star/comet on the ring finger and I do like the comet tail worked out better than I hoped.
I think it isn't bad for my first attempt I will give this ago again soon as I do like the effect it gives.

I hope you enjoyed my Galaxy nails.
Have you tried this effect and did you like it?

Thanks for stopping by.
More posts shortly.


  1. Wow those came out so well, especially for a first try! I love the comet too!

    1. Thank you so kindly for commenting :) I love the comet too! xxxxx


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