Friday 17 January 2014

SassyLittleNails Monthly Charity nail art chalenge!

Hi Everyone
Just a quick post to invite all of you to join my SassyLittleNails Monthly Charity nail art chalenge!
I want to help raise awareness and possible funds/donations for each monthly charities that I and other members of this challenge blog post about.January is Animals/wildlife month! click here to see my post!
The rule are easy just choose a theme charity of that month of your choice and then post some information about that charity and the links and if you can do a nail art relating to that subject theme.You can also do as many nail art charities in that month as you like.


You can also join my Facebook group for this challenge click Here or on the above picture.
I hope you can join in I cannot wait to see your wonderful Charity nail art and posts!
Spread the word and lets help as many charities as we can :)
More posts coming up shortly.

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