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Viva-La-Nails Products review!

Well Hello Dear Friends!
I will start with I hope you all well and good as I usually do hehe.

I have another products review from Viva-La-Nails who was kind enough to send me some products to try for some nail art I am currently doing which is Wedding theme nail art.
I am going to do a few nail art posts on this theme in the next few months so keep a look out if you are looking for ideas or want to try some designs for a wedding date or even as the bride or bridesmaid!

Anyway I was sent these items pictured below with all the information you need :)

  • ( Top left corner) is the Super Glitter Dust - Emerald
  • Konad Image Plate - M46
  •  Fabric Tape - Light Pink
  •  Dry Flowers - Yellow
  • Genuine "Swarovski" Crystals Light Siam  (20 pcs)
  • Fabric Tape - Blue
  • Rhinestone Nail Stickers NSR10 
Now here is the picture of the items I used to create my Flower girl /wedding nail art.

  • Jess polish in White.
  • Barry M Textured Effect polish in Station Road
  • Laval polish in Pastel Blue
  • Jess Glitter polish in Ibiza
  • Nail glue
  • Holographic Rhinestone
  • Viva-La-Nails Fabric Tape - Blue
  • Viva-La-Nails Super Glitter Dust - Emerald
  • Viva-La-Nails Dry Flowers - Yellow

I started with a White base coat using the Jess polish.
I then applied the Barry M polish on each nail except for the ring finger I used the Laval Pastel Blue polish for that nail.
While the Blue polish was still wet I sprinkled the Glitter dust over the ring finger nail then let it dry.
I then took the Blue fabric tape and made a bow and trimming the ends to the size I wanted.then in the middle of the bow I glued the Rhinestone on the centre.
I then applied the Jess Glitter polish to the nail tips and let it dry.
Once dry I then applied the Yellow dry flowers to each nail using the nail well as also gluing the bow on the ring finger. there all done! :)

I am super happy with the look of this mani. great for summer weddings/special occasions.

Special thank you to Samantha from Viva-La-Nails for sending me these fabulous products to review.I do  love there products and I will be using the other products I was sent above in my up and coming nail art!! 
You must visit there on-line web site and check out there products click here to have a look around!
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  1. amazing! Perfect for Wedding days!

    1. thanks hun I think they are great for spring/summer time too hehe xxx


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