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Magnitone Pulsar review!

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This post is going to be shared for The Skincare Diaries - 2014BloggerChallenge as the topic is about Skincare so I thought why not use this post for the challenge as well.

I have a skin product review for you today the product is The Magnitone Pulsar.

Before I begin my review I wanted to mention my skin type and problem areas so you get an idea of what I want/look for in a product. 

I have combination/oily skin, I am dry around my cheeks,nose and forehead and oily everywhere else. I have pimples around my chin and the sides of my face, Which at times can be a nightmare to find products that actually benefit my skin.
Now you know what my skin is like time to get on with the product review. 
I am a massive fan of using cleansing tools to deep cleanse my skin and ex foliate my skin,

Everyone has heard of the famous clarasonic and I have wanted to try it for so long but I am not wiling to pay that costly price £120+ no thank you! I have tried dupes for the clarasonic that have claimed to be just as good but in my opinion none have done my skin good.

When I saw a Magnitone pulsar on a blog post I decided to do my research, I liked what I was reading on the magnitone website and emailed the company asking if they could send me their product to review on my blog, they replied back to me and told me I can  and I received the product very quick. 

The Magnitone Pulsar is a daily skin cleansing and toning system for your face, It will cleanse, refresh and stimuate your skin. It claims to clean, exfoliate and give back its natural youthful glow. 

The Magnitone has 4 settings which I'm still getting used to. 
The settings provides the speeds and pulse.It is fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you wanted. You can also use this for your whole body since it comes with a body brush head, it also comes with a sensitive head and active head. The sensitive head claim to remove dirt and oily impurities, lifting the dirt out of the pores resulting a softer, clearer and smoother looking skin and the active head claims to have a more intense cleansing action helping to ex foliate dry/dead skin without any irritation. 
The body head helps remove dead skin on rough areas of your body like arms and legs and reduce irritation after hair removal. 

When I received it, I waited till the night time when I do my skin care routine. I took my makeup off and was ready to use it, I applied Philosophy Purity cleanser onto the Sensitive brush head I used it for 1 minute. I noticed it was not that smooth on my skin, it kept dragging on my skin and I have to say it sprayed all over me which annoyed me because my purity cleanser ended up on my bathroom mirror and my top than on my face.

I used it for a month with the purity cleanser and I didn't like it, I felt it was doing nothing for my skin, no benefits to my skin and I felt I wasn't getting enough product onto my skin. I was not enjoying the feeling of using it because how much it dragged on my skin and didn't feel clean or soft. I then thought about changing what cleanser I was using,
I decided to use a foam cleanser and I am so glad I did! It was obviously more foaming and more effective. It was not dragging it began to clean my skin smoothly and easily, I started seeing benefits in my skin. I was noticing my pimples around my chin and the sides of my face was drying up and then clearing up. My oily skin was not as heavy and my dry skin was nearly gone! I was very impressed with how good I was feeling and how my skin was feeling. It was soft, and brighter! 

I then decided to use it on my body, as the colder weather was coming in I needed some body ex foliation. I stepped in the shower and used it in the shower with the body cleanser head. I loved that it was not to harsh on my skin, I didn't feel as if I was scratching my skin away. It was relaxing and smooth and then afterwards my skin felt very clean and very soft. I didnt feel my skin was too dried out, which I was worried about that happening but thankfully I was pleased with the results. 

Now I have used this for 2 months every night and its become a beauty obsession of mine. I can't go to bed without using it, even if I have wore no makeup that day I still feel I need to clean my skin with the magnitone pulsar. My pimples have cleared right up, I still get the odd pimple due to hormones but I am not getting them as frequently as I was. My skin feels a lot cleaner and less oily and dry. I recommend this to everybody and I think it wil be for all skin types and work tremendously for everyone. Thank you Magnitone!!!!

You can check out the Magnitone web-site by clicking HERE.

More posts coming up shortly.

(The pictures was provided for me to use by Magnitone ) 

*Product was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. I purchase the Dermanew microdermabrasion system almost two years ago and I'm really happy with it. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the Magnitone.

    1. I am pleased with my Magnitone I need to get the different brush head for sensitive skin though as I think it would benefit me more.thanks for your comment xxx :)

  2. I'm glad you liked this so much! I'm doing the seven day challenge too and I'm hoping for some great results!

    Corinne x

    1. That is great to hear! I hope you find it as good as I do :) thank you for commenting :) xxxx


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