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Beauty Naturals Foot products review!

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I have been feeling poorly again with my tummy (I.B.S) but I have been relaxing and pampering my tootsies with some wonderful Foot products sent to me by the wonderful Beauty Naturals for review.

I am Diabetic type2 have been now for 4 years and it is vitally important diabetics look after there feet.
Foot care tips if you have diabetes

  • See a private or NHS podiatrist at least once a year. Ask ask your GP for a referral or find a local podiatrist. Keep your feet clean and free from infection.
  • Wear shoes that fit well and don’t squeeze or rub.
  • Never walk barefoot, especially in the garden or on the beach on holidays.
  • Cut or file your toenails regularly.
  • Get corns or hard skin treated by a podiatrist.
  • Seek treatment from your GP or podiatrist if foot blisters or injuries do not heal quickly.
  • Treat ulcers urgently, within 24 hours, especially if there is redness or swelling around the area, or in an area where you've previously been warned to seek immediate attention. 
When to see a doctor See your doctor if:
  • you see breaks in the skin of your foot, or discharge
  • the skin over part or all of the foot changes colour and becomes more red, blue, pale or dark 
  • you notice extra swelling in your feet where there was a blister or injury
for more information on diabetic feet click here. 

I love Beauty Naturals they are a great company and I have reviewed for Beauty Naturals before you can check that review by clicking here.

Moisturising Socks by Opal London 
Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream by Martha Hill 100ml tube
Peppermint & Plum Heel & Callus Balm by Freeman
Foldaway Foot File and Callus Remover by Elegant Touch.

Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream by Martha Hill 100ml tube
Beauty Naturals Description
An extra rich, nourishing cream to penetrate and soften had, cracked skin.
Soothes and smooths sore, rough patches on heels and on the balls of your feet.
Overworked, tired feet will appreciate a nightly treatment.
Includes Witch Hazel Extract. Beeswax. Sesame Oil. Tea Tree Oil.
Honey Extract.
Free From Artificial Colour & Fragrance. Mineral oil. Parabens Preservative.
Benefits Cruelty free. Made in the UK.
To Use 
Apply at night to feet and ankles, put your feet up and allow the rich cream time to be absorbed.
For badly cracked, hard skin apply liberally and then put on cotton sleep socks.
To keep feet in perfect condition, try a weekly pedicure. First soak feet in a warm foot bath and then smooth any hard rough skin with a foot file.Dry thoroughly and then apply the Foot Treatment Cream.

My Thoughts 
I absolutely love the Martha Hill brand and this product really works!
I start by bathing my feet in warm soapy water or relax in a bubble bath at night.once I am happy with my foot soak I then smooth any hard rough skin with the Foldaway Foot File and Callus Remover.
I dry my feet and I then apply a rich amount of the Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream by Martha Hill all over my feet and ankles then I put on my Moisturising Socks and wear overnight.

I have been doing this twice a week as I am diabetic and have rough skin on my heels and balls of the feet and being diabetic you have to be very careful and look after your feet properly so not to cause any cuts infections or other foot conditions.
I am so pleased with the results from this product alone! the first use I seen an incredible result! my feet has never felt soooo good and soft and smooth the dry rough skin was gone!
It has a nice scent of tea tree not to over powering very subtle.the texture is thick and creamy and luxurious.
I highly recommend this foot product to anyone especially diabetics!

Foldaway Foot File and Callus Remover by Elegant Touch.

Beauty Naturals Description
Has a file to remove and buff dead skin and a coarse metal side to exfoliate rough skin and helps to reduce calluses.
Travel size.The hand folding actions means this is ideal for travel.
Caution Do not use on inflamed, sensitive or damaged skin. 
To Use
Skin is softer after soaking so an ideal time to use is after a bath.
Gently massage callus with metal side to exfoliate rough skin.
Gently smooth and buff with the file.
Rinse the coarse metal side under hot water after use. 

My Thoughts
I have tried different foot files in the past but I do find this file very easy to use and clean.
It does not rip the skin or cause any abrasions great to file away the dead skin and rough skin with the metal side then you buff it off using the smooth side.great to take with you travelling easy foldaway.
over all a great product!

Moisturising Socks by Opal London.
  • Stretch to fit.
  • Cotton & elastine.
  • One size fits all.
Beauty Naturals Description
Moisturising socks protect and care for feet by enhancing the moisturising action of a favourite foot cream or gel.
The cotton fibre is spun with elastine to create a uniquely soft, washable product which retains shape when damp whilst preserving the ability to breathe in the same way as 100% cotton cloth.

To Use 
Wash and dry feet, liberally apply foot cream or gel. Slip feet into the socks to maintain soft and smooth skin. Use whilst relaxing or sleeping.
Fabric 92% cotton, 8% elastine.
Care Wash at 30C, allow to dry naturally.
Top Tip  First, file away callouses and areas of hard skin using a foot file, then apply a rich foot cream and slip on the socks. We recommend using with Martha Hill Foot Treatment Cream.

My Thoughts
These socks are very comfortable to wear.not to tight around the feet at all.I wear them straight after I have washed dried and moisturised my feet I also recommend using with Martha Hill Foot Treatment Cream. as this is amazing for the feet to give that deep moisturise and soften the roughness.
I also pop them in the washing machine and allow to dry naturally.
great foot product to use again and again for your weekly foot treatment!

Peppermint & Plum Heel & Callus Balm by Freeman.

  • With tea tree oil.
  • To help soothe tired feet.
  • With shea butter.
  • Softens dry skin.
Beauty Naturals Description
This rich balm, with Shea Butter and extracts of Plum and Peppermint, relieves and moisturises dry, callused skin and cracked heels leaving feet soft and smooth. With added Tea Tree Oil to soothe and relax tired feet.
Includes  Sunflower seed oil
Tea Tree leaf oil
Peppermint oil
Lavender oil
Lemon peel oil
Thyme oil
Grapefruit peel oil
Mandarin peel oil
Orange oil
Matricaria flower extract
Plum fruit extract
Aloe Vera leaf juice
Cocoa Seed Butter
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
Vitamin B5

 To Use Massage on feet, focusing on heels and rough areas.

My Thoughts
This is another great foot product to use daily after your morning shower.
I apply this balm every day all over my feet and ankles I massage it well into my heels and under the arch of the foot up to the toes. making sure I pay attention to the rough areas and apply a fair amount on these areas.
It dries in well and smells lovely! my feet feel fresh and smell fresh with tea tree fruity scent of plum you can smell more of the plum which I like.
The texture is silky and rich works well into the skin.I like the size of the tube as it is a generous size.150lm. 
Overall another fabulous foot product for anyone to use.

That's all for this post hope you enjoyed reading my review!
Have you used any of these products?if so which did you like best?

Huge Thank you to Damian at Beauty Naturals for sending me these wonderful foot products to review!

More posts coming up shortly.



  1. great post, a lot of important info not only for diabatics but for everybody. How often we forget about our feet? Thanks Dawn for sharing your knowledge with us :)
    Have a lovely day :)

    1. Awh thanks for your kind comment hun yes it is very important to look after your feet for everybody :) xxx

  2. Nice tips on foot care and also good information on foot products.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment :) xxx


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