Wednesday, 8 January 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Animal Print

Hello friends how are you all?good I hope.

I recently seen a new challenge and thought I would join in!

This challenge is hosted by FingerFood 


The first theme is Animal Print.

I wanted to do a Tiger Print nail art mani so here is the items used below.

  • Top coat Glitter polish from a gift set.
  • Jess polish in White.
  • George ASDA polish in Sunset Orange.
  • Saffron polish (no name) is a shade of mustard yellow.
  • Technic clear top coat.
  • Make-up sponge.
  • Technic nail art pen in Black.

I started by using the Jess White polish as a base.Then I took the sponge and painted 2 stripes of yellow polish and the Orange in the middle of the sponge and white on each end in a slant.
I dabbed onto each nail and did this over again a few times until I was happy with the depth of colour.
Then I applied the Glitter polish once dry I then used the Black nail art pen to make the stripes used a top coat then all done!


Thanks for reading and check out the wonderful manis below!


  1. Love these Dawn, especially the background - the effect is great!
    Is the Asda polish any good? I've never tried it, but just discovered that Tesco polish is brilliant so investigating all the supermarkets now lol :)

    1. Thank you Sam :) I do like the ASDA George polishes they seem good and cheap as chips.I need to try the Tesco Polish now lol :) xxx

  2. Wow, nails with tiger- good job Dawn :)

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I am happy how these turned out :) xxx

  3. Dawn these are fabulous! I love the pattern, and the touch of glitter of course! Well done :)

    1. Thank you kindly for commenting hun :) xxxx

  4. oo this is gorgeous! Feeling very inspired to be a bit more adventurous with my nails-block colours can get a bit boring!
    L xo

    1. Thanks Lizzie for your lovely comment :) I am glad you're feeling inspired you should give it ago :) xxx


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<3 Dawn<3

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